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    International Cunt
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    My depressive state doesn't allow for interests :)
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    MSI Geforce RTX 2080 8GB
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    2x8GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3000MHz CL15
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    Samsung 970 EVO 250GB | Samsung 970 Plus EVO 1TB | Samsung 860 EVO 500GB
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    Corsair AX 760W 80+ Platinum | Corsair White Cable Replacement Kit
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    Phanteks P600S w/ 4x Corsair ML140 Fans
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    BenQ EX3501R VA HDR 3440x1440 @100Hz
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    Corsair Gaming M65 Elite RGB
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    Xtrfy K4 RGB w/ Kailh Red Switches
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    Windows 10 Home 64Bit

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  1. Schumacher
  2. This has been one shitshow after another. The first attempt to fix it didn't sort my problem, they had it back in this morning to discover theres evidence of food in my engine, and a night rat living in there. They won't touch it until it's dealt with now.
  3. 16C - pretty chilly for the end of August.
  4. Not normally, but after the last few days it doesn't surprise me. At least I made someone's day by looking like a right twat xD
  5. Took my car to the garage, to discover I'm booked in for next Thursday... xD
  6. Free
  7. Within the last 16 hrs the ABS and check engine light came on my car. What a wonderful way to celebrate turning 28 :')
  8. Death. Send rain!
  9. I always wanted a bulletproof sheep!
  10. Must be a different England, we actually have Sun for once.
  11. custom_chat < 0/1 > http://hac2.halopc.com/usage.html
  12. https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/1487-hac2-client/
  13. No side effects this time round. My arm isn't even sore.
  14. Now with 5G!

    1. Enclusion


      Level up

    2. tarikja


      gib hotspot plz