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    My depressive state doesn't allow for interests :)
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    Phanteks P600S w/ 4x Corsair ML140 Fans
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    BenQ EX3501R VA HDR 3440x1440 @100Hz
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    Endgame XM1R
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    Xtrfy K4 RGB w/ Kailh Red
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    Windows 11 Home

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  3. I hadn't been, but it works fine now. It just turns out I was blind to yesterdays emails :x
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  9. My TV is a really cheap Hisense TV from 2018, and whilst newer models of Hisense TV have Roku built in, mine does not. Apps are pretty limited, I don't have access to newer streaming platforms, and some streaming services are even discontinuing support for my TV. There are certainly cheaper alternatives out there, but I wanted the ability to be able to run a Plex server, which the Shield TV Pro offers. I'm also getting £30 cashback, which is a bonus.
  10. In the spirit of buying over priced goods, I bought an overpriced Android TV box: Shield TV Pro £180