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  1. Sure, if it's Pepsi Max. I still wouldn't appreciate a giant Pepsi Ad on beautiful building.
  2. Nothing ruins a beautiful building like a giant Ad on top...
  3. Bipolar summer weather. One minute were getting an African heatwave for 10 days, the next it's going to piss it down for a week. To top it all off, it's 30c with Thunderstorms tonight. I'm just waiting for it to start snowing...
  4. Just finished watching The Umbrella Academy S2.
  5. It could be better. Co-op has been a buggy mess, but I've generally had a good solo experience this time round.
  6. No Man's Sky
  7. If you ever get back into it, msg me on Steam.
  8. Howdy
  9. Damn this looks promising. Would've been nice to see a raid in action.
  10. Turning off Windows Aero should give you a fps boost.
  11. Have you checked out Halomaps? In sure there are plenty of SP to MP Silent Cartographer maps.
  12. FAQ

    Yes. They've adopted a sick lifestyle choice, and should be name and shamed.
  13. I've been playing all the main Borderlands games with friends.
  14. "A good time"