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  1. Doctor's appointment for check up on little man. Also finished this baby blanket.
  2. Apparently I managed to strain a muscle really bad in my back. They put me on bed rest for three days. I had to cut it short, because I couldn't afford to miss a whole day of work. Baby is fine. Kicked the crap out of me the whole time I was in the ER.
  3. In the ER for severe kidney pain. FML They're saying it's either an infection or a kidney stone (which would make #3 for the amount I've had in my lifetime) All I can say is, ow.
  4. Anniversary dinner with weps (wojtek). We let Emily tag along (our 4 1/2 year old). Not pictured: impossible to hide baby belly.
  5. Weps and I already have a daughter. She will be 5 in October. So this will even us out.
  6. Found out this past Friday that I am having a boy.
  7. Tuesday night my phone randomly shut off, would not turn back on, and would not charge. My dad filed the claim and got me a replacement, but since my other phone could not be turned on, there were quite a few pictures of my daughter that I was unable to save. But at least I have a phone again. 3 days with no working phone was aggravating.
  8. Worked. Dealing with gigantic migraine. Feeling unborn spawn swim around in tummy.
  9. -When I was 12, I had made some Ramen on the stove. I poured it into a bowl then picked up the bowl with wet hands. It slipped out of my grasp, spilling all over my left calf and parts of my arms and hands. Very light burns on my arms and hands, but 2nd degree burns on my calf, with a spot right in the middle (size of a quarter) that was 3rd degree. -4th of July at Weps' parents house, about 6-7 years ago. Got out of the pool and was walking across the deck when I slipped and landed directly on my tailbone. I had no health insurance at the time and was unemployed so I never went to the doctor. My mom is sure I broke it. Couldn't sit for almost 3 months and it still gives me issues if I sit for too long or am sitting on a hard surface.
  10. Had all 4 of mine cut out at the same time. They gave me percosets...and that's how I found out that I was allergic to them. So I was stuck with ibuprofen. I ate a lot of soup, and since I had previously had braces, I learned how to eat certain foods without a whole lot of chewing. If they gave you one of those angled syringes to clean it out, make sure you do so after each time you eat. Food getting stuck back there can cause an infection.
  11. This is twice now that I've been told I'd have trouble conceiving. First time was with my daughter Emily. This time I was actually on birth control to help control some of my medical issues. Weps feels like that means it was meant to happen, and I have to agree. AHAHAHAHAHA
  12. Weps and I are having another baby, despite my doctor telling me it would be slim to none. Emily is excited to be a big sister.
  13. Weps and our daughter have been fighting the flu the better part of the week. Despite all my best efforts (lysol-ing EVERYTHING, obsessive hand washing, washing my bed sheets and sleeping on the couch away from Weps), I seem to have caught this nasty flu that's spreading like crazy. Started this morning with a sore throat, progressed to a cough, and now body aches and dizziness. Just hope I'm feeling better by sunday. I cannot afford to miss work.
  14. I am just so fucking irritated/stressed out/upset right now. So my breaks have been going out on my car. I haven't had the money to get them fixed. Neighbor and us have always had a really good relationship and he told us if we ever needed anything done to our car, that he would do it for just the price of the parts. So I borrowed money from my dad, and us and the neighbor went to auto zone to buy the break pads. He rode with us in our car and then we dropped him off at his work so he could get his truck. Somewhere along the way, he lost his wallet. So now, he's not only not going to change my breaks, but he's also blaming us for his wallet. He thinks we stole it. So now, we're out money, and have no one to fix my breaks, and he's refusing to speak to us. I'm just fucking done.
  15. I've recently gotten into crocheting. I now have an ever increasing stash of yarn and am selling hats. I have a problem. Lol