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  1. Thanks! It was all over the place, but it ended pretty good.
  2. Daughter's guinea pig has been sick the last few days. Wasn't eating or drinking. Had to break the news to her this morning that the pig passed away last night. She's asked me to make something pretty to wrap her in before we bury her. I'm just glad she's not suffering anymore. She was whimpering like she was in pain last night and could not get comfortable.
  3. Friend decided to have me a baby shower, because she knew we still needed a lot of stuff. I invited 30 people. Only 1 showed. Fuck it, their loss. My friend who threw the shower put in a lot of effort and had some great food.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Celebrating 8 years together with Weps/Strelok. Been married for 2, but he's put up with me for almost a decade. That is an accomplishment. Lol
  6. I am beyond ready. I get to start my leave a few weeks before he's born. Only 7 more weeks til I'm out of that hell hole for almost 5 months.
  7. Sick of my job. I'm constantly having to pickup the slack from my co-worker, but our boss likes him and not me, so I get blamed for a lot of shit that I did not do. Also tired of getting blamed for not knowing how to do certain things, when she doesn't want to teach me. I do not make enough money for this stress and bullshit.
  8. Haha...no
  9. Finally decided on a baby name! It only took forever.
  10. Counting down the days til my maternity leave. 11 more weeks and I don't have to see anybody I work with for almost 5 months. It's gonna be amazing. (Plus it's 100% paid)
  11. Doctor's appointment for check up on little man. Also finished this baby blanket.
  12. Apparently I managed to strain a muscle really bad in my back. They put me on bed rest for three days. I had to cut it short, because I couldn't afford to miss a whole day of work. Baby is fine. Kicked the crap out of me the whole time I was in the ER.
  13. In the ER for severe kidney pain. FML They're saying it's either an infection or a kidney stone (which would make #3 for the amount I've had in my lifetime) All I can say is, ow.
  14. Anniversary dinner with weps (wojtek). We let Emily tag along (our 4 1/2 year old). Not pictured: impossible to hide baby belly.
  15. Weps and I already have a daughter. She will be 5 in October. So this will even us out.