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  1. Thanks!
  2. Myself and my newest little one. He's a ham for the camera.
  3. My maternity leave is over. I have to return to work on Sunday. (I would rather take a bullet to the foot)
  4. Super sick and just want to sleep. That is impossible to do with 2 kids.
  5. Seems like the older I get, the more bills I accumulate. And medical issues. Had carpal tunnel, arthritis, and back problems in my teens. I'm 28 now, and they suck much more.
  6. My baby boy finally gets to come home tomorrow after 3 1/2 weeks in the NICU!
  7. Baby boy is starting to eat more on his own. Been in the nicu for 3 weeks. Got his feeding tube removed tonight to see how he does on his own. He might possibly get to come home in the next couple days.
  8. Baby boy is still in the nicu. He's not eating as much as they say he should be. He's almost 2 weeks old. I'm beyond ready for him to be home.
  9. Thanks guys. Unfortunately, since he was a few weeks early, he was considered pre-mature. He's been having some issues with his breathing and with his blood sugars staying where they need to. He's been in the NICU and I still have not gotten to hold him. His oxygen tube has been removed, but he still has an iv for his sugars and is still not eating enough on his own.
  10. I have to have a non-stress test done twice a week due to my unborn cooks child's size and me being type 2 diabetic. Go for my test today, which normally only takes 30 minutes, and after being back there for almost an hour, I knew something was up. They come and finally tell me that my blood pressure is elevated and since my doctor is the on call doctor, she's ordered some extra labs. Another hour passes. Doctor comes into room and says "so things have drastically changed since your last test on Saturday. You are now severely pre-eclampsic and we are having this baby today. " - cue me freaking the fuck out - So a couple hours and a c-section later, Elijah James has made his appearance. 9lbs, 12oz, and 20 inches long. Will have to wait until I'm home and at a computer to post pictures.
  11. Yeah. He's running out of room, so his movements are starting to hurt. Emily was big, but I wasn't diabetic with her. At almost 5, she comes to my chest. All of my kids are going to tower over me.
  12. He's already measuring at 9lbs 12oz. I still have a month to go. He's been steadily gaining 3 lbs a month. I'm a type 2 diabetic, and they told me in the beginning that a c-section might be mandatory. I really didn't want to do a c-section. Now my bank account is overdrawn, because they decided to start placing holds on stuff, so I thought I had more money for the grocery than I did. It's a new thing that they started doing. I've had this bank account for 6 years and this has never been an issue before. >.<
  13. I am terrified. Due to my son's size, I now have to have a c-section. The closest thing to surgery I've ever had, was getting my tonsils removed.
  14. Weps took this picture a few weeks ago. Our 4 year old, Emily, is super excited to meet her brother.
  15. Maternity leave officially started 3 hours ago