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  1. Should be the greatest bump in all of OC history. Edit: Where is my 1337 emblem?
  2. I'm back! Only to Disapeer again for an extended amount of time. However, I bring gold!
  3. What would you like to see?
  4. 1. They don't "die" as quickly as you think. 2. Raid helps prevent any potential data-loss when setup properly. 3. We have a small 8 drive array of ssd's (consumer) and they have yet to die from a constant use of 6 months. ps. Tucker, it has two 12 core amd cpus
  5. I would have to disagree. You can use the SSD as a cache drive to hand read write situations at the top of a physical drive array. For example say you have an array of 10 physical HDD's you can use say....two ssd's in r0 to handle the read and write functions as they cache very well.
  6. Hardly lol, the information is confidential. I don't ever watch porn, I have a hawt gf, that currently lives with me. noneedforthat
  7. Lol I have a vpn setup, im rdp'ing right now.Ill post vantage score in a sec with stock clocks
  8. Try it http://www.numberworld.org/y-cruncher/ Use Option 0 then 1 then 3 ( i think that 1 bil...or 100mil Post your time
  9. Never really had expereice with it.... Could you link me to it?Preferably something I didn't have to pay for, and what bench to run? Score is probably going to be low due to the cards lol.
  10. http://www.opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/29-your-computer-specs/page__view__findpost__p__5068
  11. Coolermaster CM 690II Corsiar 750 watt moddular PSU i72600k @ 4.5 ghz 16gb Ram @ 2133mghz (Gskill) Evga Z68 FTW K2 Mobo 2 (gts 450 SLI) Noctua NH D14 (2) Corsair ForceGT 60GB in Raid 0 Array I can crunch a billion digit of pi in about 21 seconds Windows 7 64-bit -WinServ vm -MAcosx vm -winxpvm Dual boot to terminal linux. Sorry for the DP but I can hit about 5 before shit get unstable. I thnk the tempurature gets to high. I got a pretty decent chip though I bought three of them to find the best one.
  12. Holly hell..... yeah it has xD Posted my PC specs to show you what I've been up tuh for the past year and stuff, check it