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  1. Geez guys, why are you so touchy!? I once did try wearing panties meant for the opposite gender. The fabric felt good; probably better than most of the stuff i've used until then, but the shape of the thing wasn't obviously meant for my genitals, and did a terrible job at keeping them in. : \ It turns out that panties for men are a thing, and you can acquire them online quite easily! I never tried again though, and I still use men's underwear. ¬_¬
  2. Here's another point of view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_aeJhks6lw
  3. Updated video with a shorter, better version. And sure, dude! Lemme know! : )
  4. NeX: I messed around with the snd!'s class enum16. The program i used to import sounds automatically set the class to scripted_effect. If you have a background sound like my radios you can set the class to ambient_machinery, or something like that! You should test what each of they do because each class has its differences. In the end i went with "music" 'cause i wanted to give players the option to turn all musics off. (in race gametypes the taxi hogs spawn, and i figured it'd be a pain in the dick to listen to multiple rvb warthog loops overlapping ) Inigo: That'd be great! Like, what do i have to do to get it going? Also by "night" you mean... like, on what timezone? :​#) I'm on UTC+1.
  5. Hello, here's another mod i made. Description: A revamped version of bloodgulch. The scenario, vehicles, original and new weapons have been finely tuned to spice up the gameplay without changing it too much from that of the original map. List of changes: • General: -- More player spawns added, some vehicles have been moved around. -- More KOTH hills added. -- New racetrack. -- Less eye-pounding look of the environment. -- Trees, rocks and covenant torches have been placed around. -- More weapons and ammo placed around the map and in the bases. -- New sniper spot easily accessible by blue team. -- Generic weapon set gives player pistol and SMG, Custom weapon set gives them random weapons in all gametypes and a needler in race. • Original Weapons: -- Assault rifle now holds 32 rounds, does more damage and is shinier. -- Shotgun pellets' spread has been decreased. -- Needlers have a different look. Needles travel faster and home more. -- Increased rate of fire of plasma rifle and decreased spread. Its bolts travel faster. -- Plasma pistol bolts travel faster. Overcharged shot is left unchanged. -- Flamethrower has a new HUD. (the usual one i use) -- Fuel rod's, shotgun's, sniper rifle's and assault rifle's hidden shaders have been reactivated. -- Pistol, rocket launcher, fuel rod, flamethrower and sniper rifle are otherwise left unchanged. • Custom weapons: -- Assault shotgun: the bastard offspring of an AR and a SG. Its magazines hold 8 shells that can be fired in fast succession. (Previously known as autoshotgun) -- Pummelshot: the good ol' taxi's best friend. A shotgun that holds two powerful shells that pack one hell of a punch. They'll push you and whatever they hit backwards. (hud has been renewed, and the gun cocking animations have, sadly, been removed) -- Blowtorch: Fires a relatively long, focused flame that stuns and does heavy damage to players and vehicles. >The range is really short.< -- Carbine: Uses the MA5K model, but acts more like a DMR. It holds 15 rounds that act exactly like those a pistol, but that travel faster and further. Comes with a x3 zoom. In auto fire mode the spread becomes huge, so use it like you would a pistol. -- Heavy sniper rifle: Uses the gauss rifle model, but acts more like a TF2 sniper. After each shot the zoom fades, requiring you to zoom again. It is a bolt action rifle, and Its magazine holds 9 rounds that act almost exactly like the original sniper rifle round, with the only difference being that they can also somewhat push backwards what they hit. (If used sapiently, you can even flip jumping enemy warthogs). -- SMG: stolen from a random CE map, you'll often be relying on this weapon until you find something better. Holds 60 rounds that do well in close quarters but perform worse on longer ranges. Other stuff: -- The bases and sniper spots of both teams now have radios! Red team radios play Deceptacon, by Le Tigre, and blue team radios play The Safety Dance, by men without hats. ; ) -- A Taxi Hog is hidden in the map. Should you acquire it, you'll be able to carry three passengers and scare off enemies with the warthog theme song from red versus blue. -- The radios' and warthog's music can be toggled from the game's preferences. (music volume) -- ? Media: -- Here are some environmental pictures. -- A quick little montage showing what it's like. Downloads: -- You can download the mod from Halo Mini Demo's install mod menu. Its name is "Bloodgulch+" -- Or download the map file directly from mediafire. (bgplus_2.map, version 1.0) Known Issues that are gonna be fixed in a future update: -- There's a typo in the item ustrs. -- The Carbine's range of the reticle turning red might be a little too short (not a big issue at all) -- (UNCONFIRMED) One of the taxihog passenger seats doesn't let you shoot your weapons. Further testing hasn't shown this to be the case though. -- I might have to nerf the needler a bit.
  6. Updated thread with current status of the mod. I've added a B layout and tweaked lots of things here and there. Also a youtuber made a run with this ship! So i'm super glad about that. : ) (Sorry for the double post~)
  7. (Whoops. My bad for posting in improper sections.)
  8. (Original post on ftlgame.com) Overview: Included Systems/Subsystems: Shields: •• (2) Engines: •• (2) Oxygen: • (1) Weapons: ••• (3) Pilot: • (1) Sensors: • (1) Doors: •• (2) Starting weapons/augments: · Heavy Laser Mk. I · Ion Blast · Heal Burst · Long-ranged Scanners Ship informations: Hull: 30 Sys Power: 8 Missiles: 18 Max weapons: 4 Max drones: 2 Included Systems/Subsystems: Shields: •• (2) Engines: •• (2) Oxygen: • (1) Weapons: ••• (3) Medbay: • (1) Pilot: • (1) Sensors: •• (2) Doors: • (1) Artillery: •• (2) Starting weapons/augments: · Basic Laser (x2) Ship informations: Hull: 30 Sys Power: 9 Max weapons: 3 Max drones: 3 Room layouts: Additional information: The Moke starts without a medbay, so i gave it a Heal Burst bomb to compensate for that. If you buy it from a store, though, it will be able to heal up to four crew members at once! The Firestarter was meant to have only two available weapon slots but, partly because of UI issues and partly because the ship *might* be a little bit underpowered, i chose to add a third slot at the last moment. The artillery laser too was meant to fire five shots, but i nerfed it because i haven’t had the chance to playtest it very much and i was afraid it’d be overpowered. I've drawn the ship's exterior from scratch using original ships as references. To make the gibs and interiors I used parts of existing images from the game files. I really appreciate feedback and criticism, so feel free to give me your opinions! If you have any advice for me i’ll be sure to take it into consideration. : ) Videos: - Short video showing cloak, artillery and explosions! - VanguardOfValor's run with the Moke (also featuring: Infinite Space mod) Downloads: Download The Moke + Firestarter (Replaces Federation Cruisers) Download The Moke only (Replaces Kestrel A) - You need Slipstream Mod Manager to install either of the mod packs. - You can use a Savegame Editor to edit your savegame and unlock the needed ships. (But use it parsimoniously!) (Also backup your savegames!) Special Thanks to: - DryEagle for the support he gave me in the IRC channel. - VanguardOfValor for both his ship-making introductory video and making a let's play with my ship. Also thanks to the forum's community for the awesome tutorials and all the feedback given. : ) Changelog: 2.0 - Added "Firestarter" ship to the pack - Ships now replace Fed Cruiser A and B - Slight modification of the Moke's gibs. 1.3 (Kestrel-replacing version with no B layout) - Slight modification of the gibs. 1.2 - download: Kestrel A - Added mod metadata for Slispream Mod Manager. (many thanks to DryEagle for helping me realize what i was doing wrong while trying to add it) 1.1 - download: Kestrel A - the name of the ship is not "The Abiding Moke" anymore. - changed ship description a little. - fixed engine room interior image being one pixel off. - made a proper UI icon. - replaced original shield with a proper one. - modified room layout a little, teleporter and sensors rooms are now 2x1, allowing for better no-oxygen overlays. - modified crew from (1 slug, 1 rockman, 1 human, 1 engi) to (2 human, 1 engi) - minor base image tweaks - ditched Kestrel B layout duplicate 1.0 - download: Kestrel A | Kestrel B - Initial release.
  9. /me agrees with NeX anyway the needler explosion is a pctl tag. Check its insides, change all the magentas you find with the colour of your choice. Point is, experiment a lot. Check all the tags you come by. Understand what they do. Be curious! People like me and NeX learnt what they know by doing that, after all. Who knows, you might also find out new ways to accomplish some things that we haven't thought of..? What i'm trying to say is: gee, check everything out for yourself, and if after that you still can't find what you're looking for, then ask for help. ·‿· oh wait-- it's you, pyrhex??? god dammit dude, just experiment!!!!!!!
  10. Is controls customization feasible?
  11. Err, i don't know : ( I'm gonna add it to the queue..! I'm supposed to work on some other icons already, and i'm going to start uni courses soon. : \ I don't know how much time those will take away from me. But...!!!! I can try to work on it?! Have you got something in mind?
  12. Looks cool for now! : ) Have you tried playing with the fog a little? It's impressive how different colors or density parameters can change the atmosphere of the map! If you changed it from blue to a more brownish color (something like the ground maybe) it would look as if there are sand particles in the air or something..! Depends by what you want the map to look like. Oh, you should also try to make the color of the water match that of the sky! If you do, the map will probably look more... uhh... realistic, i think? It'll make more sense! : p But yeah I like where this is goin'! : ) Keep up the good work and stuff!!
  13. Oh my god, i'm looking forward to this so much! I am kinda afraid to use swordedit because it used to break maps. Does Archon use significantly different code from Swordedit, on that aspect? I mean, i heard that Sunlight already fixed the map breaking, i just hadn't had the time to test it out. But yeah: awesome. A tool like this was really needed!! Thanks for taking time to develop it! : )
  14. Yeah, i just realized he posted it on OC too. /me facepalms oh welp! Anyway, did it work? : ) were you able to do what you wanted to do?
  15. Yo! As far as i've learned the UI can have only one actual scenery spawned in it. I have no idea if you can spawn a bipd instead of a scen, i guess it would work, but you need a bsp for it to stand on . If you found a bsp that was just a plane, you could place the bipd (or a scen with a bipd model, if that doesn't work) on it, and that'd be it. I realized that if you simply make the bipd able to fly, it'll just stay there in midair. heh. Making a blue background is feasible! Even easy! We know that ui.map renders these things: - a halo scen - the sky So what you've got to do is just edit the sky! You can do pretty much anything to it i guess! Even gradients and crap, since it's just bitmap editing. Afterwards you'll have to move the camera locations around (probably all in the same place, with the same orientation) and you're done! whoppeedoo! EDIT: here, check this out: Notes: - Spawning a bipd crashes the game, so i couldn't spawn it. :\ The one you see in the screenshot is simply the halo scenery with a cyborg model. (you could skin the bitmap to change its color. I guess that if you messed around with the antr a little you could make it look like it's breathing and stuff) - To make the planets disappear i simply flicked the Transparent Lit flag in their schi's, but i've got reason to believe it might not work on windows. - I tried replacing the sky's bitmap with this, but it did look fucked up beyond repair. It's weird because it usually works in multiplayer maps. Maybe importing a sky from one would look better? I'm not sure. - Anyway, since i couldn't make the background blue with bitmapping, i (somehow) made the bitmap disappear, then I set the fog color to that horrible blue. - I lazily moved the UI items out of the way with some quick DeLa editing. - Just as lazily, i moved the cyborg near the camera's coordinates and rotated it a little. Like, with enough editing it's possible to make a cool UI! My main concern would be putting a gradient in the background. I think that another sky model would probably look properly. Anyway here's the ui.map if you wanna check it out! It uh, it's a HaloMD ui.map though. It's kind of modified, but i think you could load it in halo full. Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?73yuykocc01v7pc