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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWKYpy__lfA
  2. Just read on slashdot that gamespy is being shut down entirely on May 31st, and that includes the halo servers. RIP halo X________X
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K8w-Q7Pj5A
  4. Banning smoking in public would be pretty awful IMO, but people should atleast be courteous enough not to smoke around children. The fact that smoking anything at all is banned anywhere makes me seethe with rage. I HAVE A GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO SMOKE PCP DAMNIT. Ok maybe smoking pcp shouldn't be allowed in public.
  5. Just put in an application at a garden supply center as my first potential part time job. Hope I get it, if I do I'mma do soooooooo much MXE *drools*, and save to go get initiated into KRIYA YOGA.
  6. Oh shiz, I'm also into hobby-RC's. Proud owner of a Jato 3.3 and an older OFNA 1/8th scale buggy. I never got into racing really but still, amazingly fun hobby. NITRO FTW
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am3448rMzSk Pure dopeness.
  8. Cool, thanks. Oh and tell assfac- I mean asshole too.
  9. Although philosophically I believe suicide to be an ultimately pointless act, as I believe in reincarnation and karma etc etc, I still don't think assisted suicide should be legal. No matter how painful life can get its still incredibly selfish, as long as there is anyone in the world who really cares about you you'd be causing them much pain, and in my opinion, nobody really has the right to do that. I have probably had one of the most painful lives out of anyone on this board, as I've lived most of my life in a crippling black hole depression with horrible anxiety, and then I went through a literal hell of an insanity that included hearing voices, extreme paranoia, hearing everything with a fucked up double meaning, getting flooded with hellish mental visions, and locking eyes with a god damned demon face to face (was beyond imagination, and description, and pure evil horror). I'll admit I was a little suicidal after that but I'm glad I didn't do it, because I'm better than that. I have no right to cause that sort of pain on my loved ones. So I bear my cross, so to say. So I'll take the unpopular side and say hells naw. /rant Edit: all of the above unless someone is physically suffering horribly and dying slowly anyway.
  10. Tell humpy to stop calling me a botter and I'll stop calling him a noob. I go by New0.01.
  11. Hey I've seen you in heather's vagina on halo. Don't associate with the YG clan they are a bunch of cheat-accusing nooblets and vehicle whores.
  12. Hi I just injected 1mg of LSD-25 into my dong. I mean hello how are you?
  13. Ouch, that's cold man, cold.
  14. Sup guys, after taking an extended vacation from reality and touring the psych wards a few times, I've decided to come back to this corner of the interwebs. I HOPE YA'LL MISSED ME, I missed me. What happened to the chat btw? P.S. here is this: