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  1. Honestly, I only seem that way because my little cousins are ALWAYS BUGGING ME. So i am ALWAYS hidden on everything. Just shoot me a message and I WILL respond!! That is a threat, a promise and an OpenCarnage PROMISE!!
  2. Badga, I have told you SOOOO many times I am here for you. You have my number, my facebook, my skype, hell you have everything. I am ALWAYS here to talk. Whether you want to or not, i am here. I realize you're going through a rough time but you are one of my best friends and the best advice i can give is definitely talk to people, scream it at their faces if need be because the only way to work through issues is by talking them out. I miss yer Aussie face! And if you ever need a gamin bud, you know you can count on me!! Keep talking, im still here man! -Addicted