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  1. I went to work thinking I started from 4pm till 9pm... I actually Start at 6pm...
  2. I have way to many to choose from... so Here
  3. All be hail, Where I spend all my time when I'm not working/Sleeping or Looking in kitchen for food..
  4. Hey I'm kinda thinking of coming back to the Forums Although no would either remember or know me. It's been quite sometime. I <3 aMT people..... haha
  5. Sounds like a good idea to me. Has some good articles/posts to read sometimes, Good place to learn new stuff and what weird and wonderful shit is happening around the world.
  6. Your really good at art! hey
  7. Whats up!
  8. Don't touch he's mine, but welcome!
  9. Hey! Welcome to new awesome board
  10. Welcome! first girl I've seen on here!
  11. hey

  12. Hey!
  13. *shakes hands*
  14. =o

    Hey Hell! haven't seen your for a while =DG=Whisp