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    Done; Storm wins again! 5 more tickets.
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    Turns out I had a crappy cable. Here's the new speed.

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    Done; Storm wins again! 5 more tickets.
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    VICTORIOUS. Took big effort into making that screenshot. The map it was on, Prudhoe, had double layered glass for the hallway - which means A WHOLE LOADA GLASS. It took some rapid fire pushing of the screenshot key to get that frame, which I'm very impressed with. Thank you for voting me!
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    Something I've been working on, on and off for about a year now. Really about a half month's worth of work.
    My tagset (Which I usually just call VTS for short) is made with the intent in mind of creating an almost "bridged" gameplay between the Halo games. Elements from the newer games, fine-tuned to how Halo Custom Edition actually plays, while still distancing itself from traditional Halo CE gameplay. It's intention is for multiplayer, but obviously nothing is stopping people from using these tags in singleplayer.
    This tagset is not functioning using OpenSauce or relying on any external programs to work. Everything in here is being done with stock Halo Custom Edition functionality.
    In a description form, here's the kind of differences from regular Halo CE gameplay style we're talking about:
    Less / Limited ammo : Meaning starting ammo for weapons won't be like you're stocking a personal armory. This is a cue taken from Halo 3, you will need to actually consider and manage your ammo instead of spraying an assault rifle with 4+ extra magazines. Weapons will be placed on the map to acquire more ammo or different weapons. Ammo has been balanced based on several factors, being damage, accuracy, rate of fire, etc.
    Map control based weapon and vehicle placements : On the maps I will be releasing with the tagset, for example uses. Power weapons and vehicles will be placed such as they are in later games (where applicable) to create a fight for control over the map. Strategically placed turrets, tanks, weapons, etc.
    Grenades. Less grenade spam : This is something I've never liked about Halo Combat Evolved's multiplayer compared to later games, starting with two grenades and ability to hold up to eight total (four frags four plasma grenades). The player, depending on the map, may spawn with no grenades, or one grenade. Grenades will still be found on the maps.
    Vehicles. I'm personally debating on a lot of things with these. Whether or not they should be destructible, if I should include some more unique weapons (e.g. the wraiths little "miniguns"), or vehicle boosting on covenant ones. Big grey area still.
    Here's some pictures of stuff still WIP. Literally nothing here is finished 100% yet.

    Elite (shaders early wip):

    Wraith (very early wip):

    There is more than just these done, a lot more actually, just not in a very presentable state.
    So yeah, as you can see in the images above, the art style itself I'm striving for is a kind of mix between Halo 3 and Reach. There's some rough spots right now where stuff is obvious, but overtime I'll be working to kind of mash them together into a more fluent design.
    Other small little features and details about the tagset:
    44khz sounds for everyone! -- A lot of sounds are using the 44khz audio trick, to help deliver a kickass Halo experience.
    Halo CEA HUD -- it's cleaner, and higher resolution. No garbage stuck in your face, only stuff you really need displayed.
    Distant sounds -- Gunfire and explosions have their respective "muffled" distant sound effects introduced in later Halo games, tested and working to come from where the sound originates, meaning surround sound/EAX works with these.
    Vehicle physics, explosions, etc -- Tweaks and adjustments are being made to make a more realistic explosion physics system, similar to every halo game after Halo 1. Frag grenades may bump a warthog slightly, but no longer send it into front/backflips. Rockets will carry a heavier punch and may cause mayhem, anything above that pay-grade is asking for trouble against light vehicles.
    Vehicle physics, continued -- with Covenant vehicles, I am trying my best to create less "floaty" controls and make them more solid and responsive.
    The Banshee -- Is no longer "alien fighter". It flies using the pelican's control style. This was on my highest priority list from the start, and has already been tested the hell out of. It flies very smoothly now. Just feels more solid like the later game's banshees.
    Here's a list of all current and planned weapons/vehicles :

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    Congrats to @(SBB) Storm on winning December!

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    Productive morning, followed by some good results.
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    I finally finished Halo 2
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    Ok.. this is now fixed. The events file must have been corrupt in some way. Deleted the file and reloaded sapp - this created a new events file - which is now working ok.
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    Added a couple important lines to the Level Design section:
    This is something I didn't fully realize the impact of, until Ice Floe.
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    PvP vs PvE There's a definite difference in how PvP and PvE sandbox design tends to be approached, because the player experience is intrinsically different. Player versus environment balance is relatively easy to accomplish, as the experience on only one side of these interactions actually matters (AI don't need to have a good time). However PvP balance is very different animal, because the victim's experience must always be accounted for. This can be hard to achieve when a game shares the same sandbox for both PvE and PvP, because they're generally first conceptualized for PvE, since that's where the bulk of development is spent. Many of the balance decisions made for PvE are completely unsuited to PvP, since only the trade-off of an item's usage needs balancing, which can breed power weapons and abilities. Such mechanics ignore the personal nature of PvP engagements, where the balance is most important between individual's decisions, rather than in a broad picture. So the best approach is to balance the sandbox in PvP first, as there are no conflicts with then implementing it in PvE.  
    Conceptualization It's always a good idea to write out your concepts in detail while the ideas are still fresh, before building the content in-engine. This makes it easier to quantify and make changes to your sandbox, as well as keep a focus on the bigger picture, rather than tunnel-vision on specific content. Diverse content will breed dynamic gameplay, while the extraneous just gets in the way, so don't justify anything for the sake of quantity. It's also worth noting that realistic functions may be an easy way to add depth (complexity) to your gameplay, but it's very easy to take that too far. Realism does not necessarily equate to fun, or balance, so don't be afraid to be a little "arcadey". If your goal is to create skillful gameplay or a particularly skillful item, then make its function more predictable by taking most (if not all) of the dice out of the equation. Predictable function however doesn't mean you have to trade off the difficulty of use. Also, fast-paced gameplay can be fun, but allowing (not forcing) players to think and outwit their enemies is a great deal more so; reaction times shouldn't be everything. Lastly, you shouldn't allow your content to become too complicated or boring, so that it maintains the frequency of use best suited to its role. It's never simply enough to balance effectiveness.  
    Artistic Direction Creating a diverse sandbox is a tough task, and when your pieces are most often judged by how fun they are to use, rather than how original they are, it can also be a discouraging one. However artistic styling can have great impact on the frequency of use for an item, as both initial and continued utilization is based on perceived effectiveness, which can significantly vary from actual effectiveness. So before considering buffing an item to improve how commonly it's used, first examine how it appeals both visually and audibly. The function is your product, but art is what sells it, so they should always have a close relationship with each other. The roles of your content should also be apparent to the user without an explanation, so you must employ aesthetic cues to help give them an idea of what to expect.  
    Balancing Balance should always begin at the written concept, and progress in passes until nearly the end of development, so get your foundation down early and keep polishing. The best way to finalize your content's individual balance is by asking yourself whether you could stand to make it a little more powerful, or a little weaker, which tells you a lot about its standing in your sandbox, and which way you should adjust it. If you feel you could acceptably adjust your piece's effectiveness in either direction, then you generally have it where you need it. Though whenever introducing a new item to an existing sandbox, try to initially under-power it and work up from there. This can keep from upsetting your sandbox during testing, and it's always much easier to buff an item than it is to nerf it. In any sandbox containing weapons bundled with differing mobility and health modifiers, such as when vehicles are involved with infantry, weaponry cannot be independently balanced against each other. Incidentally, one should also be very careful in allowing a weapon's use across different modifiers, which is a tendency when they're not vehicles but instead classes. Most importantly, any game can be fun if you don't take it seriously, so much of your job is to make it retain its value at high-level gameplay, where the are no holds barred and the objective is simply to win. In the end the polishing of sandbox balance should be left to just one person, to help maintain continuity.   PvP Level Design
    The balance of a diverse sandbox is dependent in part on its context, which is the job of your maps to create varyingly. The best place to start is with the flow rather than actual geometry of your level, by drawing player trajectories with creative intersections that you only then build your features around. This helps in setting gameplay as the priority and avoiding extraneous complexities. While the occasional choke-point can be a great addition, they should never be made unavoidable, or your combat here will quickly stagnate as tactical diversity is lost. At all times players should have the option between at least two forward routes, which should be differentiated with significant trade-offs. Players will naturally favor a narrow field of play over a broad one, regardless of cover options, as linear engagements are far more predictable, resulting in a safer feeling despite the increased traffic. So when such options are paired, the less-linear has to feature much more incentive to maintain its flow. Get in the habit of running through your level, mentally playing out various encounters as you go, and paying particular attention to sightlines as well as each route's incentives. Sightlines are your most important features, so they should be more than just reactively considered. Your map should also incorporate a variety of unique landmarks not only to make key locations more enticing, but to simplify player communication in combat.
    Playtesting If your playtests aren't embarrassing, you're doing it far too late; playtesting early in the development process allows you to nip problems in the bud, before you've invested too much in them. Rebuilding or axing things only gets tougher as time goes on. Whenever possible, playtests should be recorded from opposing perspectives for later review, which offers a huge advantage in tuning the player experience. Your testers should also be made aware of any significant changes once implemented, and be sure to personally partake in the gameplay following such change. Quite often a failing in balance judgement is just inexperience with the content, so allow your testers to get comfortable with your sandbox before taking their balance concerns too seriously. However, listening to a fresh perspective on your game can help you to improve that acclimation process for future players. Playtesting of course isn't just for tuning balance, but also for finding exploits and bugs, which you're in a far better position to find than your testers will be. You know better than anyone else where and what to look for because you know exactly what went into your content, so always be actively testing in an attempt to break it.
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    Happy birfdai; luv u.
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    I switched to a gigabit fiber optic ISP. No more crappy DSL!

    I'm not sure why my download is so much lower than... wait what am I saying? This is excessive even for me.
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    Happy Second Christmas! 
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    What are your plans for celebrating?