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  1. Share what you've recently purchased! I just ordered a replacement headset from Newegg because I've been stuck using my cam mic for a while, and now that I have my laptop back I could use a second output device. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826158082
  2. In your events.txt file.
  3. Sorry, I didn't write the script.
  4. Bump.
  5. Curious if anyone thinks it possible to build a very basic squad system with SAPP lua. I think for some maps it would be neat for teams to be able to vote on a Team Leader (any ally but themselves), where those that get selected get automatically respawned (to change their armor color to something that stands out), and all allies that die will respawn at existing spawn points closest to their Team Leader. That would make attacks more focused and create a high-value target, which when they die prevents all allies from respawning 'till they themselves do. Could definitely build off of that base concept if it can be implemented, but don't want to get carried away in the details unless that much is possible. Will credit 15 tickets to whoever can make this work!
  6. Thought it seemed familiar, but you never made a release for it. =\
  7. SAPP is a powerful server extension developed by @sehe, featuring no-lead and many other new features, which are supplemented by user-created scripts. SAPP 10.1 Downloads Halo PC Version - Halo CE Version The complete documentation for SAPP can be found here.
  8. Will this work for you?
  9. Maus: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07S395RWD/
  10. This is the CE port of my Phoenix 3 release, which was a total gameplay and visual effects mod of the map Death Island. The Flow Flow of the map's layout was heavily redefined to better balance infantry and vehicular engagements. Dispersal options, cover, and focal points are all fresh. The Sandbox Mechanics of the weaponry you spawn with are similar to their stock counterparts, while the rest consists of original concepts, all balanced together over 4 years of sporadic development and 2 years of public gameplay on Halo MD. Weapons Assault Rifle Rifle features better accuracy, marginally slower rate of fire, and a magazine reduced to 40 rounds, making it much more effective up to medium ranges. Pistol Pistol retains the original rate of fire, accuracy, and damage, but now lacks a scope and kicks after each shot. Carbine Semi-automatic rifle for short to mid-range combat, featuring a 2x scope and firing 3 projectiles per shot (not to be confused with burst-fire). The high initial accuracy suffers greatly with increased rate of fire, dramatically changing its role to that of a close-range weapon. Incendiary Shotgun Shotgun that fires projectiles which burn the surface of most targets for a short period. Burn damage is limited to shielding, so only the initial damage from each shot will affect health. Nade Launcher Grenade launcher that with some inaccuracy, fires 3 small explosives per shot, each of which detonate instantly on impact. Laser Cannon Laser weapon capable of sustained fire, which while is prone to overheating, features pin-point accuracy and a 2x scope. Rod Pistol Short-range pistol that fires slow shield-bypassing projectiles, ideal for encounters with shield doors or low-health targets. This weapon also features an overcharge function, which releases a projectile that emits plumes dealing shield-only damage on flyby. Direct impact from this secondary projectile will instantly kill infantry, or deplete shielding if the target occupies a vehicle. Impaler Mid-range weapon capable of sustained fire, which releases accurate headshot-capable projectiles that shatter on impact, dealing splash damage. Tracer Single-fire mid-range weapon capable of firing up to 3 homing projectiles in short succession before overheating, dealing splash damage on impact, and capable of killing healthy targets with just 1 burst. The projectiles have a distinct visual and sound, but can be easily dodged with a strafe or fast-moving vehicle. Vehicles Fighter Nimble fighter featuring dual machine guns and an unguided missile. Both of these weapons contribute to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid temporary weapon jams. Carpet Bomber Aircraft capable of sustained carpet bombing and featuring explosive countermeasures as an air-to-air defense, which is however very sluggish in maneuvers. Countermeasures will blind targets and kill in three hits, but as they are deployed aft of the aircraft and detonate after little more than a second, their use against aircraft must be well-timed. Anti-Personnel Tank Tank which fires high-velocity shells with a relatively high rate of fire and pin-point accuracy, at the cost of much lower damage and splash radius. A flak screen is deployable for close range engagements such as against infantry or aircraft, however the vehicle is also well armored against small arms, so that only direct hits through the driver's hatch or explosives are significant weaknesses. Both weapons contribute to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid temporary weapon jams. 30-Cal Hog Weaponry much like the original chain-gun Warthog, but with buffed damage and weaker aim assistance. Weapon is prone to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid temporary weapon jams. Laser Hog Warthog featuring a fully-automatic laser with pin-point accuracy, best suited for long-range engagements. Weapon is prone to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid temporary weapon failure. Bubbler Stationary turret that fires three electrified bubbles per shot, which instantly depletes shielding upon impact. The projectiles are lighter than air, so they rise into the sky as their velocity lowers, making this weapon ineffective against ground units at range. Weapon is prone to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid temporary weapon jams. Credits Conversion to CE by 002. Some reticles (the good ones) by Sceny. Model, shaders, textures, and animations for the Carbine and Teleporter by CMT. Download Note: Specifically balanced for no-lead gameplay, so ensure it's enabled for optimal balance. All gametypes are also supported, however the "Normal" weapon set is strongly recommended.
  11. Voting topic for 2019's Map Competition! Voting Rules Must have a post count of at least 5 on the forum (unless an entrant of the contest). Entrants cannot vote for themselves, however they can abstain from voting. Voting Deadline September 8th @ 11:59pm EST (‎UTC-5:00) Final-Round Submissions Longershot Halo Invaders Prizes Winning Prize: $50 (US) via PayPal + Promotion of Map via Mass-Email + 5 Raffle Tickets 2nd Place Prize: $25 (US) via PayPal + 5 Raffle Tickets 3rd Place Prize: -5 Raffle Tickets Additional Prize (decided by secondary poll) 5 Raffle Tickets for a final submission voted as having the most improvement over their Round 1 entry.
  12. Final results in: Longershot wins both categories! The following voters were disqualified due to not meeting post requirements: @Gonza7200, @RxBCh13f10, & @Se7en. Outcome unaffected, though adjusted tallies now reflected in poll. Thanks to everyone that entered and voted!
  13. I just finished catching up with the latest season of Archer, and also re-watched House of Cards not long ago which was one of those things you need to see more than once to catch everything. As far as movies go I saw Silver Linings Playbook a few days ago, not my usual m.o. but I did enjoy it a lot.
  14. Share some of your personal sceenshots and videos from CE!
  15. Couple of these cuties: https://store.ui.com/collections/wireless/products/nanobeam-2ac-13
  16. New Invaders 2 video released and added to OP, now that @(SBB) Storm's finally caught up!
  17. Rules The final day to vote is the 5th (‎UTC-5:00). Voters must have at least 10 posts on the forum. Entrants may not vote for themselves. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  18. @tarikja is August's winner!
  19. You don't want the link.
  20. Pretty powerful: https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/forum/76-sapp-discussions/ Ask away there if you're looking for help.
  21. Ever tried getting into making SAPP scripts?
  22. 10 & 13mm deeeep sockets =D