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  1. Tesla is making a new version of the Roadster sports car, Elon Musk announced Thursday night, and it looks spectacular. Source
  2. I just finished catching up with the latest season of Archer, and also re-watched House of Cards not long ago which was one of those things you need to see more than once to catch everything. As far as movies go I saw Silver Linings Playbook a few days ago, not my usual m.o. but I did enjoy it a lot.
  3. Back to the News Room with you!
  4. Alas, this is the voting topic for the CE Map Competition! Voting Rules Must have a post count of at least 5 on the forum (unless an entrant of the contest). Entrants cannot vote for themselves, however they can abstain from voting. Voting Deadline November 18th @ 11:59pm EST (‎UTC-5:00) Prizes 1st Place: $50 (USD via PayPal) + 15 Raffle Tickets + Mass-email promoting winning map 2nd Place: $30 (USD via PayPal) + 10 Raffle Tickets 3rd Place: 5 Raffle Tickets Submissions
  5. Just about 24 hours left!
  6. Elon said in the unveiling that this is just going to be the base model. =D
  7. This is just the base model, too.
  8. Pff, well I stand corrected; just poor taste. <3
  9. Because you've never driven a performance electric car. =p
  10. If you would like to request that an Editor post an article of your choosing, please submit the title/description along with the link to it here! NOTE You can earn 1 ticket for our monthly raffle on each of your article suggestions that get used. Avoid discussing articles in this topic.
  11. I can't stand anything but crispy bacon; I hate gnawing at fat. Though It's juicy almost everywhere bacon is served, so surely there must be 1 or 2 people in the world that like it. Explains yourselves.
  12. This fire effect dynamically spreads from a central point, and can attach to non-static objects. In its current state, it's only set to spread on dirt materials (for demo purposes), but that can easily be changed by altering the material effects on the projectiles chained off of the main effect. This tag was never entirely finished for practical use, but wouldn't take too much work to get in such a state. It's however going to be a bitch to get working if you plan on importing it into another HPC map, just because Eschaton gets confused with all the references in this tag tree, and jumbles them. So if you do, you'll have to take notes on what tag references what, or just compare to the map in the download as reference. This can be converted to CE with Combustion, if anyone is interested in it there, but I imagine it would only ever be dissected as a curiosity. The effect is called "flakspawn", and in this map it's attached to the Plasma Rifle's impact effect for dirt. You can test it out ingame just as in the above video. Download
  13. Submissions are always open, however periods are partitioned by month (EST). Voting topics go up for 5 days at the start of each month. Submission Rules You may only submit one screenshot, and it must be your own. Your screenshot must not be edited after it's taken. Cinematics are not eligible. Breaking these rules will bar you from OC competitions, including the monthly raffle. Winning Prize* 5 Raffle Tickets are awarded to the non-staff member with the most popular screenshot, and anyone that places 1st is also showcased below in the Hall of Fame. *Awarded to the non-staff member with the most-popular screenshot, but any placing 1st will be showcased in the Hall of Fame below, regardless. Hall of Fame
  14. Oh nice, that's pretty much exactly what @As7raios ended up doing, too. California, in the Sierra Nevada nearish Tahoe. I used to work as a telecommunications technician for a WISP (was laid off after new company bought them out), and am sort of getting back into that with another company now. In the meantime I'm just doing contracted tower climbs for work on their radios. They keep telling me they're going to bring me on as a full-time installer and AP technician, but say they can't afford to quite yet. I keep hearing "next month" =|
  15. Nice; what sort of work?
  16. I think camo would've been a good addition in a couple places in the center area. I just really don't like overshields in Halo 1 in particular because you can't tell if someone has one, and in later games it was persistently flared, which also made you more obvious in a trade-off.
  17. I do believe there was an FRG on the bridge.
  18. Just the tag tree of one asset are allowed. So in your case, just one weapon. You can release them altogether in one topic if you want, but when you submit to the contest you would need to specify in your post which one in particular you're entering.
  19. Submissions are always open, however periods are partitioned by month (EST). Voting topics go up for 7 days at the start of each month. Minimum of 3 entrants required per month. Submission Rules May only submit one CE asset, which must fully-tagged, such as a weapon, vehicle, scenery, character, etc. Submissions may not have been publicly released before the present entry period, and entrant must be the sole creator of the custom elements in their submission. Entries must be posted to this topic in the form of a link to their release topic on OC. Theme List Jan: Anything Feb: Winter/Ice Mar: Anything Apr: Organic May: Anything Jun: Medieval Jul: Anything Aug: Retro SciFi Sep: Anything Oct: Horror Nov: Anything Dec: Festive These are the themes voters with be judging submissions on. Winning Prizes* $20 (USD via PayPal) + 10 Raffle Tickets *Awarded to the non-staff member with the most-popular asset, but any placing 1st will be showcased in the Hall of Fame below, regardless. Hall of Fame FAQ
  20. There are 8 CTF spawns in each base (flag) area, and 6 additional on the outskirts of the bases. The spawn and flag layouts are very similar to what's on Phoenix.
  21. A total gameplay and visual effects mod of the map Ice Fields. Moar Screens Weapons Assault Rifle Features better accuracy, marginally slower rate of fire, and a magazine reduced to 40 rounds, making it much more effective up to medium ranges. Pistol Retains the original rate of fire, accuracy, and damage, but now lacks a scope and kicks after each shot. Carbine Semi-automatic rifle for middle to long-range combat, featuring a 2x scope and firing 3 projectiles per shot (not burst-fire), with spread that increases significantly the faster it's fired. Dicer Single-fire short-range weapon that fires multiple crystalline projectiles per shot, similar to a shotgun but with an explosive punch. If enough projectiles impact an enemy they will super-combine into a much larger explosion, generally killing the target. Laser Cannon Fully-automatic long-range laser weapon, with perfect accuracy and a 2x scope. Rod Pistol Short-range pistol that fires slow shield-bypassing projectiles, ideal for encounters with shield doors. Weapon also features an overcharge function that releases an unguided projectile that emits plumes dealing shield-only damage on flyby, and upon direct impact will instantly kill infantry, or deplete player shielding if victim's in a vehicle. Tracer Single-fire mid-range weapon that fires up to 3 tracking projectiles in short succession before overheating, dealing splash damage on impact, and capable of killing healthy targets with just 3 hits. The projectiles have a distinct visual and sound, but can be easily dodged with a strafe. Credits Conversion to CE by @002. Model, shaders, texture, and animation for the Carbine by CMT. Download Note: All gametypes are supported, however the "Normal" weapon set is strongly recommended. Note: Specifically balanced for no-lead gameplay, so ensure that it's enabled for optimal balance.
  22. New lamp: https://smile.amazon.com/Bedside-Seealle-Minimalist-Nightstand-Dinning/dp/B075P988SK/