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  1. I used to work 16-hour days last time I was in that field, which became unreasonable for the employer to keep me on for, which is why I was laid off. I didn't mind that amount of work, and surely this will be much lesser.
  2. Looks like I'm getting a job as a Field Technician for a wireless ISP again. =D It's a more of a commute compared to my last job in that field, but it pays way better than where I'm working now. Evidently I'm going to be displacing some of their guys, so they're "going to work me extra hard." This year had a rough start, but everything's falling into place again!
  3. You can request one be made. =] https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/forum/60-sapp-script-requests/
  4. The methods 002 gave only work on Halo PC. So if your intent is to do this for CE, you'll need to use SAPP scripts.
  5. Many electronics in the US wont run at anything less than 116v, which I've really only seen from battery power. The monitoring electronics in my tankless water heater is an example where that's the case. It doesn't use that power to heat; just to monitor temperatures. A/C units often wont run at much less than 120v, either.
  6. Happeh!
  7. Finishing spiffifying the new donor page: https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/pages/p_donations/ It also now shows what your donations go into.
  8. Some might've noticed that the big footer was removed from the site last month, which featured the donor perks, as well as the donor list and donation links. I've just finished combining that all on a separate page, with some additional info detailing our monthly expenditures and ad revenue. You can find that here, or by clicking on a user's donor badge.
  9. Registered for the IELTS in San Francisco later this month, which is an English language test. One of the steps in applying for Canadian residency. =]
  10. Fair point in regards to re-positioning, however there's quite a network of satellites up there, providing wide coverage without having to relocate any satellites. Optics for geostationary satellites has also been good enough for high-resolution ground coverage for almost a decade now, and can singularly point almost anywhere on a hemisphere without repositioning. In regards to fuel expenditure for when you really do need to move a satellite, the ion propulsion that modern satellites use are ridiculously efficient, and almost entirely rely on the electrical power collected from their panels. The first iteration flown is actually the primary propulsion on the Dawn probe, which launched in 2007 and is still exploring dwarf planets in the belt. The X-37 just has a liquid-fueled main engine, and uses cold gas thrusters for minor adjustments, both of which have very finite fuel.