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  1. I was a bit skeptical about its performance as well.. but all the reviews!
  2. Finally got around to buying this; definitely has a lot of gravity in 'er. I've been quite happy with the performance, and being able to Fast Charge anywhere. Thanks for the reviews; this is why I ended up getting it. =D
  3. So I've been looking for a phone mount with inductive charging for my car, but it's been surprisingly hard to find something that actually works. Here's a rundown of those I've tried so far: Automatic Holder by IKOPO This holder claims to feature inductive Fast Charging, and a sensor that triggers the arms to grasp your phone when it's placed. I didn't need anything quite this fancy, but it had overwhelmingly positive reviews, and lots of them (250+). However while it explicitly claims Fast Charge support for the Galaxy S7 (what I have), it would only charge at the standard rate. My case isn't bulky, and my two inductive chargers at home have no trouble initiating Fast Charge through it, but no matter how much I tried, swapped cables, and adjusted where the phone sat in the charger, it refused to Fast Charge. Yet unfortunately that was not my greatest complaint, because when the charger is powered and doesn't have the phone sitting in it, the arms will spaz out with any movement within the 3 feet in front of it. Also even when the phone set in it, the holder would occasionally open and drop my phone. If it had just one of these issues, I might consider it a rare defective unit, but at this point I wasn't willing to roll the dice on replacing it with another of the same. Holder by PROBWAY This holder also features inductive Fast Charging, however unlike the one by IKOPO, it features a much simpler gravity clasp, meaning that the weight of the phone pressing down on the bottom arm is what tightens the side arms. This is more of the type of holder I was originally looking for, but due to my experience with IKOPO's, I opted to test out how well it cradles and charges before actually mounting it in the car. It successfully initiated Fast Charge with my phone, however my thin case proved to be too bulky for the arms to grip over my phone. Additionally, despite this holder also stating support for the Galaxy S7, the side arm grips directly over the phone's power button. I couldn't resolve this by adjusting the ride height because the bottom arm is not adjustable, as it's used for the gravity clasp. So even if I didn't use a case with my phone, this holder will not work for the S7. Holder by Baseus It's in the mail; we'll see!
  4. Thanks for the $30 donation, @Sunstriker7!
  5. It's been an honor to please and enrage you all. Here's to 660 more years!
  6. You chose a good day to be born.
  7. Great header. =D

  8. I'd say that's about a 50/50 split for what's attributed to the creators, so that's acceptable. Only really going to get on people if 60% or more of overall modified content is not their own. Rule states this is in regards to modified content; Bungie/Gearbox content is stock, so it's not counted as modified. As mentioned above, a 50/50 split is okay, but only one person is allowed to submit a map. The submitter can do whatever they want with the winnings, such as split it. Non-stock content must be original work to qualify as being made by the submitter. Recreations of content from elsewhere counts as original work. "May only submit an unprotected map/yelo file", so singular; one map.
  9. Congratulations @tarikja on winning January!
  10. Much like the one we ran last November, this is a competition for the creation of new CE maps, where users registered here (non-entrants must have 5 or more posts) will ultimately have a week to vote on their favorite submission. Submissions are to be posted to this topic as a link to their own release topic on OC. Submission Rules May only submit an unprotected map/yelo file with no prerequisites beyond public (at time of this post) releases of Chimera, HAC2, or OS. Modifications must not consist primarily of content that the entrant didn't create themselves. Entries may not have been announced more than 24 hours before this topic was made. Submission Deadline May 4th @ 11:59pm EST (‎UTC-5:00) Prizes 1st Place: $100 (USD via PayPal) + 15 Raffle Tickets + Mass-email promoting your map 2nd Place: $50 (USD via PayPal) + 10 Raffle Tickets 3rd Place: 1 Raffle Ticket from @002
  11. Router & Inductive Phone Holder