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  1. That sounds like it would incredibly annoying to have, I'm sorry. =| I have slightly the opposite issue, because I don't value money very much, so I spend it probably more easily than I should. It really didn't help that my last job paid extremely well, but I am always careful to not go under having a specific minimum on hand. Edit: I got it, I have a very unhealthy social life ...because people don't hold my interest for very long (if at all). Other than you guys of course; I find you all wonderful. <3
  2. Today I learned that it takes two months to downgrade your month-by-month phone plan on Verizon... "to prevent accidental overages." So you have to pay for an extra month of your old plan before it goes into effect. Even if you accidently received an overage because you forgot about your own actions, it'd probably be way cheaper.
  3. Was pleasantly surprised by this movie.
  4. Drawbacks with a lot of fuels with high specific impulse is that the fuels come at the cost of lower density. Hydrogen is the highest used in spaceflight as far as I'm aware, but kerosene is far more common because your tanks don't have to be as large for the same lift capability. Methane is being pursued as the fuel of the future for spacecraft (it just requires vastly more complex engines).
  5. This'd be pretty cool. I'll chip in 5 tickets to anyone that fulfills this.
  6. Man, those drugs were amazing! Afterwards I felt like I was all there in the head other than going in and out of consciousness every few seconds, and having almost no muscle control. Everything after the operation was smooth sailing, so I don't really have any tips, other than maybe just sleep your way through as much of the healing process as you can.
  7. What's the news, guys?
  8. I can hear out of my left ear again, for the first time since being sick at the beginning of the month. =D
  9. Refined a lot of the styling on the forum, particularly in regards to the section and topic lists, section rules block, raffle block, notification/pm dropdown menu, and the guest registration teaser. Slightly more spiff.
  10. Yup; copy and paste the .map files to your maps directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo\MAPS). Just don't forget to back up the maps these will be replacing.
  11. Sorry the raffle block takes up an obnoxiously large amount of space. =p
  12. Hey

    This thread's quite off track.
  13. Great to hear. Welcome to the community!
  14. Hey

    Hey, welcome to the community!