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  3. @aLTis any update?
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  5. Can you jpeg any harder tho?
  6. This one's a stupid one, but it made me giggle a little.
  7. This song is my jam
  8. I will never not thumbs-up the Bee Gees Lately my comrades and I have been pelvic thrusting our way through the trenches blasting German rave music
  9. Disclaimer: This is not meant to replace the normal way of doing teleporters. If you can, model the geometry in the BSP and use the teleporter_shield.scenery and teleporter_loop.sound_scenery tags in conjunction. I am only releasing this because I had to make it as part of a larger project [to be announced?] and the existing available 'telebox' scenerys are extremely poorly made. A pre-made teleporter entry that is meant to butt up against a wall. It contains everything you need, done properly. More info: This is a piece of scenery that combines what would normally be BSP geometry, with the teleporter_shield scenery, the teleporter_loop sound, and a non-dynamic light [because shaders that normally cast light won't do so when in scenery]. I have ensured that the shader applied to the geometry looks correct. The bounding radius is exact. The gizmo you use to move this piece of scenery around should correspond exactly to where you need to place the netgame teleporter flags, for added convenience. The extents of this telebox scenery are further than they should be on purpose so it can properly seal to the BSP and in-case the BSP wall isn't completely flat. Push the scenery back into the wall so it doesn't stick out too far but not so much that the wall behind it clips into the center of the telebox. Don't forget to run radiosity after placing scenery! Notice where the Sapien gizmo is for the scenery object. This will help you also place the netgame teleporter flags in the correct spot. Push the scenery this far into the rear wall if possible. It is much larger than it should be in case the wall is uneven such as a cliff wall. The bottom of the geometry also protrudes downward more than it needs to, but not as much. You shouldn't be placing these on extremely uneven ground anyway. This requires some tags not included in this release. All of these tags should have been included in the default installation of HEK. If you find the scenery is not working, you are probably missing these tags for some reason. Download: Telebox Scenery.zip
  10. SEPTEMBER, 2019 Segment @RxBCh13f10, @aLTis & @MEGASEAN2812 have earned 5 raffle tickets!
  11. mini update: too burned out atm to do shaders and textures, but I'm working on the weapons ports, not exactly half life 1 weapons only. but I think the new weapons I have planned *should* integrate fine to the tagset, some pics of untextured weapons: The animations are coming along nicely as well but are not complete yet, I didn't want to post this stuff this early, but I'm under heavy load by my uni so it might be a long time until the next update
  12. Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of Skyrim screenshots on my PC, either. I come back to it every so often and then I get tired of it after a few hours. What sucks is that the game isn't actually bad. The base game alone has quite a few good hours in it, and the gameplay itself is quite engaging despite the bugs. Of course, since there are many mods out there, you can do a lot more with it than what Bethesda originally did. Unfortunately, Bethesda is terrible at fixing longstanding issues with even their most popular titles. They're so bad that it's expected that a Bethesda-developed game will be riddled with bugs. The quality of the game, itself, is also way too inconsistent. Some parts are genuinely good, some parts are a bit mediocre, and some are just bad or outright broken.
  13. I was also going to post a Skyrim picture after modding Special Edition but there was just too many patches and bugs with it that never got fixed after the mods were ported. So here.
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  15. Too drunk to find a good screenshot right now. Sorry.
  16. @tarikja wins!
  17. Invader is now 0.13.0. It just so happens that this spooky version number happened on a spooky month. Here are the changes since 0.12.0: Changed invader-build: Changed how stubbed tags are created so tag extractors won't try to extract them invader-bitmap: Errors if the tag contains uppercase characters in its path invader-build: Errors if any non-stubbed tags contain uppercase characters in their paths invader-font: Errors if the tag contains uppercase characters in its path invader-string: Errors if the tag contains uppercase characters in its path Fixed invader-build: Fixed not fixing the render bounding radius if it was less than the bounding radius but non-zero. invader-build: Fixed not setting the weight value for color change permutations in objects. invader-bitmap: Fixed detail fade factor so it matches tool.exe's detail fade factor more closely if not exactly. invader-build: Fixed certain sound permutation file offsets not being correctly marked as internal; this should fix some sounds that sounded fine when built with tool.exe but sounded corrupt when built with invader-build Removed invader-bitmap: Removed --filter-blur and --filter-sharpen. Tags that have these values set will still have the filter(s) applied. However, for newer tags, you should use an image editor, as you will get similar or better results. invader-bitmap: Removed --sprite-spacing and used tool.exe's broken functionality, instead. invader-bitmap: Removed the ability to set sprite budgets below 32 or above 512. View the full changelog at https://github.com/Kavawuvi/Invader/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md From what I've seen, people prefer these less frequent but longer update announcements, so I'll keep doing them like this since it's less work for me. The changelog and GitHub repo, however, will be updated as changes are made. So, if you need to read about the more recent changes, then be sure to check that from time to time. As always, you can get the latest build at https://invader.opencarnage.net/builds/nightly/download-latest.html. These are automatically compiled and uploaded via a script on a local machine. These snapshots are built from the latest commit (at the time of building) on the Git repository which may include unreleased features, so these announcements can and probably will get outdated fairly quickly. See you next month!
  18. Sunny, breezy and in the 60s F today.
  19. New Entry Period Begins!
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