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  2. what event would be to teleport the two teams when someone score with the flag? thanks
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  4. http://idlewords.com/2017/09/anatomy_of_a_moral_panic.html
  5. I'm glad you like it. Lots of people like @Tucker933 felt similarly; he's been playing the game with the 30 FPS cap on for all this time. I spent those years just biting the bullet and dealing with it with the frame rate unlocked. Actually, I've been approached at least once before to help fix up Halo 2 Vista. My response has always been that I don't know enough about Halo 2 Vista to pull off the same thing. I'd also have to buy the game, too, and also come up with a way to inject my code into Halo 2. The amount of time required to do this for how few people are playing it just seems more trouble than it's worth. If you must know, I've been dicking around with Halo PC since I was in elementary school. While I can no doubt take my previous knowledge and apply it to Halo 2 Vista, I do not know how long it'd take, as I don't have the virtually unlimited free time I had back then. I don't know what state its be in when I'm done if it'll even have a community. With how I did interpolation, I was lucky that Halo CE was written in such a way that it wasn't hard to implement, relatively speaking. In fact, it's entirely possible it could be applied to the source code.
  6. Come in for a test, have a baby instead Congratulations to you both on your new baby boy!
  7. Hey 002, I just wanted to thank you greatly for this mod as it is the prime reason which prevented me from playing Halo CE for all these years. The disconnect between animation rate and refresh rate for so many elements on screen really made the game unplayable for me, as capping to 30hz / 30 fps was not an option for input and visual acuity reasons. This fixes that to a point that makes Halo CE the goto version, mouse input also feels amazing. I definitely look forward to see what other directions you can take this and will watch very closely! BTW, and completely off-topic basically, I am not sure how much experience you have with Halo 2 Vista, but that game has *most*, but not all of its animations capped at 60 fps refresh. Cutscene animations are locked at 30fps for the most part, while some transforms are updated at 60fps (so a characters arms and legs in cutscenes update at 30fps, while their mouth movement is 60fps). Strangely enough, some camera movement is fully interpolated and runs at arbitrary framerates (camera shakes for example run at any framerate). I have no idea if you would ever be interested, or how possible it is, but your skills and attention to detail would be great to be applied to something like Halo 2 Vista which has its own strange framerate / update rate behaviour for animation and input. Heck, I would donate to a patreon for that Either way, best wishes and many thanks for your Halo CE modding.
  8. Let's say you're some sort of weird dickhead who wants to hurt people by setting off a homemade explosive, but you don't exactly know what ingredients you'll need in order to instill a feeling of lifelong terror in the people you don't kill outright. Amazon — the place where you buy bulk toilet paper and bed risers — has some helpful suggestions for you. Source
  9. Wow what a turn of events. Congratualtions on the hasty birth of your precious boy.
  10. I have to have a non-stress test done twice a week due to my unborn cooks child's size and me being type 2 diabetic. Go for my test today, which normally only takes 30 minutes, and after being back there for almost an hour, I knew something was up. They come and finally tell me that my blood pressure is elevated and since my doctor is the on call doctor, she's ordered some extra labs. Another hour passes. Doctor comes into room and says "so things have drastically changed since your last test on Saturday. You are now severely pre-eclampsic and we are having this baby today. " - cue me freaking the fuck out - So a couple hours and a c-section later, Elijah James has made his appearance. 9lbs, 12oz, and 20 inches long. Will have to wait until I'm home and at a computer to post pictures.
  11. Lately, this has happened to like 90% of the anime soundtracks I listen to and now it's happening to my favorite synthwave music.
  12. I forgot to mention that with Chimera's lua scripting, if you create a folder called chimera_lua in your -path folder (by default, the My Games\Halo CE folder), then you can put Lua scripts in here without having to insert them into your map. The filename is the same as the map name, but instead it ends with .lua. Note that if Chimera detects a script in here, then it will load this instead of the script in the map file. There's also an unlisted command, chimera_reload_lua, which can be used to reload the Lua script without the need to reload the map.
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  14. Daredevil S1 & S2 Jessica Jones King Arthur - imagine my surprise when I found out mediaeval England had Black and Asian people. Currently watching Orphan Black
  15. heres a simple velocity changer that I wrote: clua_version = 1.0; set_callback("tick", "OnTick"); adjustedSpeed = false; player = nil; velocityMultiplier = 5; playerSpeed = nil; function OnTick() local object = get_player(); if object ~= nil then if adjustedSpeed == false then playerSpeed = read_float(object + 0x6C); write_float(object + 0x6C, playerSpeed * velocityMultiplier); adjustedSpeed = true; end else -- cout("object is returning nil"); end end very neat work 002! loving how this is coming along!
  16. https://i.imgur.com/Yc5hTAi.gifv
  17. EIS Council: The Catastrophic Effect of an EMP Attack or Severe Solar Storm EIS Council Library EIS Council EPRO Handbook
  18. Thanks for the quick reply! I can definitely see the benefits of your approach. For one, it mitigates the utterly insane number of server-side related bug reports and user-error related "issues" you would be bombarded with, and I would assume makes developing these features easier and as stress-free as possible. At any rate, I'm looking forward to trying these features out, once deemed ready for the public eye. Until then, I wish you the best of luck. May the winds of fortune move in your favor.
  19. Yes. Not at the moment. Currently I'm only working with one group for testing the server stuff, and this is because of the nature of how these updates work. If you need to know what's going on, I'm currently working on getting vehicles going. Controlling the vehicles is smooth as butter and has little to no warping whatsoever - a great improvement over stock Halo. However, vehicles other players are controlling are a little worse than stock aside from the fact that they don't warp now. There's a bit of jitteryness going on, mainly. As for bipeds, they're much better than stock aside from slight jitters that may happen on occasion, and this is mostly mitigated by interpolation. Player control feels exactly or close to exactly like hosting the game yourself in LAN, except now you have analog movement if you decide to use a controller. You can do tricks like nade jumping and you'll be fine as long as you have a decent connection.
  20. Hello! I've been watching from a distance for quite some time. Firstly, I just want to say that this mod is absolutely fantastic! You have managed to fix one of the longest standing gripes I and many others have had for the longest of time. Thanks to you, we can enjoy playing Halo Custom Edition with buttery smooth animations. It's like a new game. Thank you so much for your contribution! You're awesome, and I can't wait to see what all you come up with, moving forward! I just have a couple of questions: Are you still working on the server-side Chimera functionality? If so, is there a rough ETA as to when server admins can start deploying said functionality?
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