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  2. I respect your choice of parts. Though I personally don't need the multicore performance anymore so, if I didn't have the build I did, woulda went with a 5xxx series CPU or waited on X3D series. 7xxx series somehow managed to push really great multicore gains but not a lot of singlecore.
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  4. lol the 1TB on my current build is already a lot more than I've ever needed, and I don't feel like I'm going to need RAID either.
  5. You gonna fill all those M.2 slots bro? It'd be a lot cooler if you did.
  6. My first car was a 1997 Buick Lesabre that was in great shape when I bought it in late 2010. It had a little over 100k miles and it only had some minor cosmetic damage on the front end when the dude had hit a deer previously. I got arrested a few months later and while I was in jail my grandpa loaned it to one of his employees who had a car being worked on. In the few days she had it she totaled it in an accident that wasn't her fault but it covered up the front end damage and I got $2000 more from the insurance than what I paid for it. My grandpa then added that money to his personal investments and paid it back to me with interest a few years later when I got out. That money ended up really helping me out in the end. It's funny how things turn out sometimes. It was a good car though and I still miss it sometimes.
  7. CPU: CPU Cooler: Mobo: RAM: PSU: Case: SSD: Everything but a new GPU; still rocking the GTX 1080 until the 7900 XTX drops next month. Going to be like a $3.5k build...
  8. Guess I splurged a lot but everything is on a 0% APR financing credit. I could afford them upfront but it feels nicer not getting an immediate slap in the face. I don't usually do fat purchases so this shouldn't increase at all until it's payed off over the next 12 months. My nice holiday bonus also helps a lot. But I picked up a number of things. Traded in my Pixel 4a (which may or may not have been kick flipped into the toilet and started having issues with bluetooth enabled) for a Pixel 7. Did this before Black Friday but I was able to get the difference refunded when the sales started. In the end I'm likely expecting to only pay $200 for it assuming they don't catch the one issue. A 2TB Samsung 870 EVO SATA SSD for ~$150 to replace my 3TB HDD that's being used as a dedicated game drive. A Sabrent 4-Bay Docking Station along with a Seagate Exos 18TB HDD. I can't fit anymore HDD's into my PC with the mistake of a radiator I picked out. Also know I don't need 18TB's but it was the best price/GB so I said why the fuck not. I'm a buy once kind of person. I'll get another one next year and do some sort of redundancy storage with it. I would have really liked a Seagate Mach-2 drive but I can't find them available online yet... With exception of the one sketchy ebay listing.
  9. Awesome work! Now time to find the maps that have sync issues with this.
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  11. My first car was a 1988 Honda Accord, it had a manual transmission, really fun to drive. I remember driving it home in a blizzard after taking it in for servicing. It eventually developed problems where if you shifted into neutral the rpm's would drop dangerously low and it would start sputtering while it was idling, so I would keep one half of my foot on the accelerator to prevent it from dying. The fix was to increase it's idling idling speed, I think that may have been a slow torturous death for that engine, it was still running when it was finally retired, but the torque was nowhere near it's original state. Having a manual transmission car as a teenager probably contributed to my delinquency, being able to rev up a carbonated 4 cylinder at the high school parking area seemed fun at the time. Dumping the clutch was also fun, doing mini burnouts or squeals. Even when I had acquired a newer Nissan Altima I still prefered to drive the '88 Honda to go places that were in town.
  12. Awesome work, I'm working on a mod, can I use them? (I will leave the credits in some text note).
  13. I host a valheim server but it currently is steam only and doesn't support crossplay. The crossplay feature is bugged for some reason
  14. I used a dynamic DNS when I used to host the OC Minecraft server. This isn't the one I used, but looks like it'll do the job:
  15. Realized that my IP definitely changed between then and now. Learned that I have a dynamic IP that changes if I ever disconnect my gateway for a few hours. Which is annoying and nice I suppose. Anyhow. Think the 1.19 time has died down awhile ago so the server won't be up. But Valheim just had a major update that I've been looking forward to. So I might open a server for that. Quite a fun and unique sandbox.
  16. The Walking Dead
  17. Downloads: Mega: Nexus: Resuscitation is a recreation of Coagulation from Halo 2, brought into Halo 3. It is meant to be as faithful as possible to the original, while updating the visuals, and incorporating Halo 3 sandbox elements. This is the first test release, so please report any bugs that you may encounter. Changelog: Resuscitation Beta Release 1 -Initial public release Resuscitation Beta Release 2 -Altered spawn times and maximum quantities of all weapons, equipment, and vehicles -Replaced Rocket Launcher with Spartan Laser -Altered Power Drain spawns -Removed duplicate spawn points -Modified radii of KOTH and Territories objectives -Fixed bad UV -Modified exposure settings Credits: Map Creator: Aerial Dave (Discord: Aerial Dave#2236) Vehicles: Vuthakral - Spectre Playtesters: SCRAPY (@Halo2Guy) TheGhostOfFive (Discord: TheGhostOfFive#6969) zekilk (cyboryxmen on forums) fable law 458 (Discord: fable law 458#5648) defaunation (Discord: defaunation#4027) Markel (Discord: Markel#5480) Special Thanks: General-101 (Discord: General_101#9814) num0005 (Discord: num0005#8646) Bungie 343 Industries For feedback, contact: [email protected] Downloads: Mega: Nexus:
  18. Wow, great find. Well done. I only wish it was known sooner, MCC has eaten into the Gearbox port playerbase without having the same kind of modding capability.
  19. NOTE: No client changes are performed; the code to handle all of this is already in the clients. When a server issues a challenge to a connecting client, it also informs that client of the encoding class to be used for communication. The encoding class determines the number of bits used to encode certain fields; sightjacking and spectating fall victim to the encoding class used for public servers, but we can get buttery-smooth results if we force the encoding class: (The player that recorded this footage had ~200 ping to this server) TECHNICAL DETAILS It is a common misconception that the global sv_public only controls whether or not the server advertises on the master server list; it also used to select the encoding class and connection class (determines throttling limits). sv_public 0 sets the encoding class to the LAN encoding class in addition connection class four, the effects of which are demonstrated above. sv_public 1 sets the encoding class to the internet encoding class. The attached script effectively forces sv_public 0 only for the purposes of determining encoding and connection class - the global is not modified and when used for other purposes (e.g. determining whether or not to advertise on the master server list) sv_public behaves as normal. The changes have the following effects on encoding behaviour (from internet to LAN encoding class): angular_velocity number of bits per component increased from 16 to 31 (fixed-width encoding in range [-8, 8]) relevant fields: equipment_update.angular_velocity vehicle_update.angular_velocity vehicle_new.angular_velocity projectile_new.angular_velocity equipment_new.angular_velocity local_player_vehicle_update.angular_velocity remote_player_vehicle_update.angular_velocity remote_player_total_update_vehicle.vehicle_data.angular_velocity translational_velocity number of bits per component increased from 16 to 31 (fixed-width encoding in range [-100, 100]) relevant fields: projectile_update.translational_velocity equipment_update.translational_velocity weapon_update.translational_velocity vehicle_update.translational_velocity vehicle_new.translational_velocity biped_new.translational_velocity projectile_new.translational_velocity equipment_new.translational_velocity weapon_new.translational_velocity local_player_vehicle_update.translational_velocity remote_player_vehicle_update.vehicle_data.translational_velocity fixed_width_normal_8bit number of bits for theta (pitch) increased from 8 to 20 resolution improved from ~0.7 degrees to ~0.00017 degrees number of bits for phi (yaw) increased from 8 to 20 resolution improved from ~1.4 degrees to ~0.00034 degrees relevant fields: vehicle_update.forward and vehicle_update.up vehicle_new.forward and vehicle_new.up biped_new.forward and biped_new.up projectile_new.forward and projectile_new.up equipment_new.forward and equipment_new.up weapon_new.forward and weapon_new.up local_player_vehicle_update.forward and local_player_vehicle_update.up remote_player_action_update.facing_vector super_remote_players_action_update.facing_vector remote_player_vehicle_update.forward and remote_player_vehicle_update.up remote_player_total_update_biped.action_data.facing_vector remote_player_total_update_vehicle.vehicle_data.forward and remote_player_total_update_vehicle.vehicle_data.up fixed_width_normal_16bit number of bits for theta (pitch) increased from 16 to 20 number of bits for phi (yaw) increased from 16 to 20 relevant fields: item_accelerate.direction field type: locality_reference_position position is always encoded as an absolute position, rather than conditionally switching between a small-distance delta and absolute in the best case, improves the resolution per component from 1/64 ingame units to 4.7e-7 ingame units this change should drastically reduce the jitter observed when used with remote_player_position_update_rate 0 and similar configurations servers running HUGE maps may not want this patch, because absolute position has a range of [-5000, 5000] per component in the worst case, increases the number of bits per component from 25 to 31 relevant fields: projectile_update.position vehicle_update.position projectile_new.position local_player_vehicle_update.position remote_player_position_update.position remote_player_vehicle_update.position remote_player_total_update_biped.biped_data.position remote_player_total_update_vehicle.vehicle_data.position WARNING I do not often program in lua, so there are probably a few errors. This script should be loaded in as early as possible (e.g. in an init.txt) so that the code paths that are targeted are patched before the process runs through them. This script increases the amount of data sent and received, but the amount is probably marginal by today's standards. For admins: this script will make packet loss and throttling stand out like a sore thumb when players are turning; do not assume a player is aimbotting on the sole basis that their aim presents a lot of jerks. CREDITS Vitor, for helping me test this, providing video, and general support. buttery_smooth.lua
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  21. m_object=get_object_memory(vehicle_object_id) obj_front_x = read_float(m_object + 0x74) obj_front_y = read_float(m_object + 0x78) obj_front_z = read_float(m_object + 0x7C) obj_up_x = read_float(m_object + 0x80) obj_up_y = read_float(m_object + 0x84) obj_up_z = read_float(m_object + 0x88) The offsets above give two 3D vectors, a front vector which is essentially pointing down the vehicles nose or front, and an up vector which always points towards the vehicles roof. Video for helping visualize the vectors (up vector in red, front vector in blue): It seems like one of the euler angles can be calculated using math.atan2() (correct me if I'm wrong), but I'm unsure about the other two: euler_z=math.atan2(obj_front_Y,obj_front_x) --this seems to be correct --euler_x=? --euler_y=? I'm looking for the complete math that would be used to calculate these angles, I've searched for this problem here and the answers are helpful, like how the vectors have been mislabeled in an offsets list, and how to calculate these vectors from the starting point of euler angles, but not this specific question. From what I'm reading a rotation matrix would help in solving this problem, but I'm uneducated on that topic. A hacky workaround that I've done out of ignorance is to calculate the euler angles on vehicle spawn, (since mostly but not always a vehicle spawns with only one dimensional rotation) then each game tick add the pitch,yaw,roll velocity values to those euler angles, because the velocity values are in radians. --Unsure if this will always work but I'd rather have a math based solution rather than relying on something like this. Edit: @Sunstriker7 Helped me find a solution to the underlying problem as well as a possibility finding the other two angles, and the condition of gimbal lock. I should have mentioned that the end result of wanting to know euler angles was to apply them to a library called three.js. However three.js has a lookAt() method that can be supplied with an up vector and a vector to look at. That method essentially solves the problem without having to know the angles, or work around gimbal locking.
  22. Hello everyone fable here, I just uploaded a new video on how to make the tutorial level from scratch using the provided assets from 343 industries new halo mod tools. If any of you want to check it out, click on the video below: Happy modding, -fable law 458
  23. I'll use this as your submission for when voting comes. For future reference, you can just right click > copy image > paste into and use that url so the OC can display it. Here's mine.
  24. Star Trek done with Halo 2 Anniversary Forge and Theater with some perspective fuckery
  25. You know what. Didn't see that coming. Genius. But also. Fuck... Take your damn ticket. And have an extra for being so damn creative.
  26. What's the matter, huh? Did you expect some sizeable Halo Infinite Forge shenanigans? Tough luck! :v
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