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  2. Ooof. I had a vehicle burn down over something stupid a while ago too. Voltage regulator in the alternator failed, and blew up the battery.
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  4. This could be the best submission month ever.
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  6. Man (on the left) fire-enchants his paddle. You'll never believe what happened next!
  7. @PrecutODST26220 has donated $20!
  8. Rules The final day to vote will be the 5th. Non-entrant voters must have at least 5 posts on the forum. Entrants may not vote for themselves. Theme of June: Rainbows (or just the most colorful) #1 #2 #3 #4
  9. NEW ENTRY FOR JULY STARTS NOW! You probably though I'd choose something Merica for this months theme since July 4th is this month. Meh. It is Summer though. So this month's theme shall be HOT *remember that can be interpreted in a number of contexts
  10. You're welcome to update here with the newer version now. =]
  11. Assets that blend seamlessly with the stock aesthetic always tickle my pickle. Nicely done.
  12. @mouseboyx donated his raffle winnings!
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  14. It was pointed out that these will also work with MCC as-is, so I'm posting it here as well.
  15. I kinda feel out of place...
  16. Hmm, I'll download Custom Edition and have a looksy then. Ta.
  17. Would get more notice if posted to the MCC Assets section too. Could use more content there.
  18. Nice. You might want to add that these will work fine in MCC too.
  19. I'm glad you guys like this! I went a bit crazy and made an even bigger one. This might be pushing it a bit but I figured what the hell, let's do it anyway. I updated the OP to include these files as well
  20. I really like the big one. It looks very nice. Good job!
  21. Aw yiss, thank you! This was probably one of my favorite stock plants.
  22. I've always like the plant_broadleaf class of scenery, but it's always bothered me that the collision geometry for plant_broadleaf_tall is a lot larger than the render model, which causes a lot of problems if you're trying to shoot around it or move past it on the map. So, I fixed the collision geo to match the render model, fixing this problem. The files in here can repalce the original scenery, or you could rename it if you want to keep it separate. The only change in the scenery tag is to reference the fixed collison. Going on from there, I decided to make more plants of this type. I made one called plant_broadleaf_medium that's intermediate in size between plant_broadleaf_short and plant_broadleaf_tall. Here it is: I also decided to make a larger one, called plant_broadleaf_supertall. Here it is: . Here is a size comparison between the main plant broadleaf family, from biggest to largest, with both the stock ones and mine: EDIT: added an even larger one . I'd also like to point out that these will work in MCC as well, and I've crossposted it to the MCC assets section (thanks Vaporeon, Takka).
  23. Your internet speeds are certainly enough to host a halo server, even multiple servers so that's not the issue. Surprised you get more upload than download that's rare for a home connection. "What is the difference between actual VPSs that you purchase online and my laptop that has Windows Server Standard 2022?" It may not be the laptop. It could be your ISP's firewall (or dynamic network if they use that). But You mentioned the halo server dropping some pings from yourself. When you clicked on your server multiple times you were also on the same home network correct? If so I'd check and see if there are any driver updates fo'r the network interface card on the laptop from the NIC's manufacturer's website. I'd also run a packet capture tool like Wireshark on at least the laptop, for instance when clicking on the halo server multiple times if you see the laptop doesn't even send a packet out for one of the clicks, it's definitely a software issue on the laptop itself. With the small exception of a lose cable inside it. And it's likely the driver for the NIC but it could be some other software issue. Perhaps an old windows firewall bug or something else if you haven't updated it. Pretty sure like regular windows OSes the server versions will try to install generic net drivers if it can't find the correct manufacturer driver in its own lists.
  24. *edit* Moving my reply to the appropriate post. As for buyvm being out of stock that's unfortunate. But they are still active from what I see in the Discord so I'd keep checking for availability.
  25. I'll let you know how my Halo CE hosting goes with BuyVM, at first I didn't know what anycast is but I just read about it. Seems like the new stuff, like automatic load balancing. It's great that they offer such a feature for free...if things go well, I might just migrate all my VPSs to them. Hey, I'd like your opinion on this question I asked a while back. Thanks! Hey, I just checked and most if not all BuyVM VPSs are out of stock! And it looks like this is a common thing...since there are websites dedicated to letting you know when the stock will be back...
  26. np, I would be interested to know how it goes if you end up using anycast with ddos protection from them. This is by far the cheapest anycast provider I've found. AWS charges like $1000 /month for this sort of thing. Cloudflare itself charges $3000/month. There was another host that charges like $50/month for the anycast itself but I forgot what it was, but if BuyVM doesn't work out I'll try and find it again if you want to try it. As for the gateway it looks intimidating but really it's just a matter of picking the right guided install script for the linux distro OS of the vps, running it, and answering the 3 questions it will prompt you for in order to make configs (firewall and wireguard client files). Once it's done you copy client1.conf (or client2.conf) file it makes to the Windows server's Wireguard and click Activate. And run ./ on the gateway. This completes both ends of tunnel (Wireguard has a Windows installer) Granted yeah you could run into issues like getting locked out of ssh or RDP but I don't mind helping out some if needed should you decide to try it. And as usual rebooting the vps will flush my firewall, along with wireguard rules on the gateway should it lock out.
  27. The Wireguard VPN setup with Linode and Vultr sounds effective but seems very complicated lol, On the other hand, BuyVM looks very promising and has no complex setup so I think I'll go with that. Thanks!
  28. Buyvm has anycast without being ridiculously expensive, there's also OVH that has DDoS protection but no anycast or Dallas region. I haven't tried Buyvm yet though. Buyvm has a Discord too. If affordability is the main concern Linode doesn't even charge for incoming bandwidth. I don't think OVH does either. As long as you are running one of my iptables firewalls it will indeed prevent reflection so that you don't get any extra charges for outgoing bandwidth even if you get flooded constantly. This is true for any host that doesn't charge for incoming bandwidth. Linode also has an API for their outside/edge firewall so that you can send player ips up to it for whitelisting, but it takes 8 seconds to update and that is enough time for a larger attack to knock out players (most edge firewalls take longer than 8 seconds). You could also use a Linux server as a gateway while the halo server runs at the other end of the tunnel on Windows or Linux or even MacOS since Wireguard works in those OSes. If you do that I would be sure the gateway is in the same region as the real halo server (unless you're doing anycast). So yeah you could have a gateway on Linode with say, a Windows Vultr server behind it running halo.
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