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  2. Up until recently on the Halo MD servers, there was a server host who was able to customize which items spawned inside the various weapons lockers. For example on his bigass, players we able to pick up mines from all the weapons lockers. He also had health pack spawns on top of the vents, and various ammo spawns across the map. His server is gone, and a lot of the players of my server are asking for these items to be spawned. I really want to make this happen for them, but I have no clue how he did it. Can anyone help me?
  3. That does help! Thank you so much for getting back to me. I believe that makes sense. So basically some things you can switch out and change, like weapons, ect., but other things like the HUD you cannot? All of the weapons of bigass final had the ability to have night vision added when I was working in Eschaton so I thought they would have that info in their map file, but my guess is that based on what you said, Eschaton added new information, so the clients would not have this new night vision information in their map file Is that correct?
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  5. @giraffe Firstly, my apologies on the confusing post. What was happening was that when a player would stand in front of the truck and blow it up, the destroyed truck would appear, but also a brand new truck would appear right on top of it. This brand new truck would usually shoot forward towards the direction of the player. That is what I mean't by "pops out", because it looked as if the new truck was popping out form the original truck. I realize I should have been more clear. Moreover, I want to say thank you for getting back to me and taking the time to help me out. In point number 2 you mentioned how the scorpion needs to be destroy-able. I did not realize that's how it worked, I thought I was supposed to put the tag path of the regular vehicles. When I figured that out, I changed the truck path to the destroyed truck, and it totally fixed everything, now the truck and tank explodes like normal. Finally, I have adjusted the settings as seen in this new version of the script, and was wondering if you had any recommendations for settings for the bigass final map? Currently on my server players have 100%health, but they don't have shields. Thank you again! VF vitality_settings_bigass.lua
  6. Bought these a little while back, and can say they're well worth the price. Best audio I've heard, even topping the Audio-Technica M50X headphones. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A7J534G/ https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MH42BBI/ Honestly, the sub isn't really even necessary. The monitor speakers have plenty of low-end depth.
  7. My Logitechs Z313 speakers broke cause I mishandled the shit out of them. Got a replacement of another cheap random brand for the sole purpose of whenever I'm playing a local co-op game. It has a sub bass control wheel. Add that with my Asus Sonic Sense Bass Boosting and it's just retarded amounts of Bass. I'm actually considering getting bookshelf speakers with a standalone sub just for even more pure nonsense. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BXF5HQ8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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  9. Your post leaves me a bit confused. What do you mean another truck or tank pops out? Does the original vehicle not get deleted when the destroyed variant is created? I'm also confused as you say it works for the falcon, however, the settings for the falcon in the script you uploaded are the default settings (meaning nothing changes unless you change it yourself). Also, some minor things you can consider: Giving every destroyable vehicle the same settings as a falcon might come across as being unbalanced You also have the scorpion's tag path set to "altis\\vehicles\\scorpion\\scorpion_mp", but the destroyable scorpion used is "altis\\vehicles\\scorpion\\scorpion" The katyusha truck isn't destroyable as far as I'm aware, so having settings for it would show little to no effect
  10. Glad you like it! Not everything will work, unfortunately. The HUD, for example, has to be on the map that the client is running. This means that, while night vision may be on the server, the client will not see that they are using night vision because the client doesn't have that information on their own map. Hope that helps.
  11. Hey guys, just a quick update I learned I can customize it with events! I know I post a lot of beginner questions but I appreciate you guys having me here!
  12. @giraffe This script is awesome! Thank you so much! So I am using this on bigass final and I have it set up so I can change the strength of multiple vehicles, and it works perfectly for the falcon. However, whenever a player destory's a tank or truck at its spawn location, another truck or tank pops out right on top of it. Any ideas of how to fix it? vitality_settings_bigass.lua
  13. I think this is a great script and I am trying to get it to work on Bigass Final on a Halo MD/PC Server. With Warthogs it works perfectly. With the mongoose, it shows only one persons name and it shows it in both slots. For the Spade and Falcon, it does not show anything. Can anyone help me make this script work for all the vehicles of bigass final? show_rider_names_v2.lua
  14. @Kavawuvi Thank you for this amazing program! Using it I was able to create custom weapon load outs per biped, for the bigass final map. I want to add night-vision to more guns in bigass, and I made a map that has the nightvision changes that I need. I did the same procedure I did for the weapons but I can't seem to get it to work when I upload the scripts to the server. I am on OSX Sierra, using Eschaton. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Would it be helpful to upload the script, or the nightvision modded map i made?
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  16. It's my own rendering engine, but it can open Halo Custom Edition cache files. That isn't to say putting it on top of everything would be impossible, though not relying on the original binaries may be more useful in the long run.
  17. So are you just taking the assets from Halo and rebuilding it in your own engine? Compared to Open Sauce which I believe just gives access to, or the ability to add onto the engine code? Or is this just a different kind of renderer that goes on top of everything else?
  18. Is there a way to make an rprint message stay on the screen longer before disappearing?
  19. Hi guys, I want to thank you so much for keeping up this wonderful community. So I am very new at server hosting, only been doing it a few weeks and I am at a loss at how to proporly spawn items. I figured out how to spawn vehicles correclty, but I can't seem to get items like healthpacks, ammo, and weapons to spawn using SAPP or Events. I have been looking through these forums and the SAPP guide and I just can't figure out how to properly do it. Can anyone help me?
  20. So I know you guys are all probably busy, but I wanted to thank @Kavawuvi for his amazing glazed doughnut app! I figured it out and was able to get weapons for each biped! Sorry for all the questions, I am super new at all of this. Thank you, VF
  21. Added some (tentative) system requirements if anyone wants any idea on how (or even if) it runs. These are subject to change and very likely will be changed. The requirements are a little exaggerated, but that's because it's a huge guess due to how early development is, and it's far better to overestimate than underestimate. Odds are that a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 or an AMD Phenom II X4 955 will be able to handle this, though GPUs older than 9 years probably won't simply due to OpenGL support. However, Dark Circlet will only be 64-bit, and it will not be released for macOS. Sorry.
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  23. I've updated the post with some more screenshots. This time it's with transparent shaders. These maps use the original Xbox shader_transparent_generic tags. As for some trivia, did you notice that Hang 'em High was changed when it was ported to the PC?
  24. First of all thank you guys for such an excellent forum! So I am using @Kavawuvi teambipeds script on the map Snow Nature and it works great! I was wondering is there a way to have a script where I could specify the weapons in the weapon loadout for each biped?
  25. I am sorry guys, I know this is probably a very basic question, I am still new at this. I want to spawn health packs on a map that doesn't spawn them by default. I made custom locations, and then made this event command. However only the very first health pack shows up and then it disappears within a few seconds. What am I doing wrong? event_spawn $map:solitude_1 'spawn eqip "powerups\health pack" healthpack5;spawn eqip "powerups\health pack" healthpack4; spawn eqip "powerups\health pack" healthpack3;spawn eqip "powerups\health pack" healthpack2;spawn eqip "powerups\health pack" healthpack1'
  26. On maps such as bigass final where the sniper and m6s have night-vision by default, is it possible to use scripting to make night-vision available for all weapons with zoom on that map? Currently trying a Bigass Final Nightmode on rotation, and thought it would be cool to have night-vision for more weapons if possible.
  27. Oh, so that's what those were all about. I was just seeing random Halo pictures and didn't really know what they were besides obviously being rendered differently.
  28. Open source? nice, im ready to rip
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