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  2. Added CMT's The Truth and Reconciliation. Suggestions for new maps to add would be much appreciated.
  3. Last week
  4. Chimera version 1.0 will not work with the retail version of the game. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone.
  5. Yeah, Tucker, is it? This is OSHA calling...
  6. My bad - deleted
  7. Isn't that from a cutscene? @Krazychic
  8. Hello, I recenty tried playing Halo CE Campaign and Firefight and I have a new Xbox One controller. Well, I click start on the mission and it acts like it will load than crashes and says gathering exception data. Can you not use Xbox One controllers for campaign or Firefight? It works just fine with multiplayer. Please help me out with this and let me know! Thank you very much!
  9. Fascinating. Could you send me a link for Discord you guys are hanging in?
  10. Shit no, what the hell happened? RIP man, this sucks.
  11. From @Moses_of_Egypt on the Discord: "it's mainly a couple textures mortis has to tweak. in the meantime we're finding things to fix here and there" So it sounds like a couple of days to a couple of weeks.
  12. Puddin really was a good guy. I'm seriously shocked. Rest easy, friend.
  13. apparently we are not the only one using this new system; https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/65094 it works for Halo CE to. Mirrored here: New Vegas DSOAL & Open AL Soft pack v1.2.7z (that way you don't have to get an account) seems people want to call it DSOAL, but technically thats only half of the system, Open AL soft is the sound engine after all, the PCGamingWIKI call's it DSOAL, so i will to. it also seems the only real thing i could do is help by giving bug reports, else i'll have to just wait for others to develop this, should be fun watching. i think good times are coming for Halo CE's audio.
  14. Web Resources GameSpy SDK Documentaion Help Luigi Auriemma GameSpy Research OpenSpy -Soneek- (Original Github) OpenSpy -Masaq- (Current Github) Downloadable Resources Gamespy OpenSDK v1.00 w/GameSpy SDK Documentation Help Wireshark GameSpy Lua Filter OpenSpy Source -Soneek- OpenSpy Source -Masaq-
  15. Okay, but you better give me a raise.
  16. Damn. that's real fucking shitty to hear. Rip Puddin. He was good people.
  17. son of a bitch
  18. Someone ticket this man; I'm empty.
  19. RIP
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