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  2. So it seems Qt 6 will be dropping support for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. https://www.qt.io/blog/qt6-development-hosts-and-targets Invader uses Qt for invader-edit-qt. This means that, if I use Qt 6, then Windows 7 support comes into queston. Basically, there are a few options on how this project can proceed: Stay on Qt 5. This only works for the short term, as Qt 5 will lose support as time goes by, especially on Linux. Pray that Qt 6 doesn't break on Windows 7. Since we have zero guarantee ANYTHING in Qt 6 will work, we don't even know what all will work. Drop Windows 7/8 support. Let me put this front and center: Windows 7 is better than Windows 10 and it isn't even close. I'd be impressed at how catastrophic Microsoft fucked up when making Windows 10 if it weren't for the fact that I have lost so much productivity on that monster of an operating system from the years I've had to use it. Dropping the last decent version of Windows to ever be made by the good people at Redmond, Washington would suck massively. But Windows 7 is now considered "legacy" software, having fallen out of support years ago. Fewer things are supporting it these days, even if some software is dropping it for really dumb reasons. Switch to another GUI toolkit. I really don't have time to commit to such a massive project.
  3. aLTis is aware of the weird tpose biped issue. why its doing it is still being looked at (maybe lol) Been testing it a bit further and it literally is a hit and miss with it working. Gonna assume its dealing with grabbing biped information
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  5. thank you very much Cyf
  6. Yes, though in white so that I can go to the beach with it without getting as much sun heat as a black case. /s
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  8. You install this script That's it.
  9. How do you add self driving Warthogs to your server. The gunner is the driver Thanks CyferX
  10. Yeah. We used to have a means to embed videos when we were on IPB 3 when we had custom BBCode. That functionality was lost, so we'd need to install a plugin (costs $$$ or time if we want to write it ourselves) to readd it. Also, if you try to embed videos by editing the HTML directly, IPS will filter it out. The forum only supports embedding from the following sites:
  11. As an aside, doesn't imgur support mp4 videos? https://i.imgur.com/nro0JHr.mp4 It all makes sense now. Kinda odd this otherwise rich forum experience doesn't support embedding video.
  12. The camera shake is now fixed when playing the game at a high frame rate. In addition, the camera shake is interpolated. Here's the rocket launcher, for example: The forum doesn't allow me to embed videos, so I made an ugly gif that sort of looks okay. If you want to see the 120 FPS video recording of this, I posted it on Discord. Also, the F2 (game rules) screen is also now interpolated, and it's no longer instantly appearing/disappearing at high frame rates unless you edit the chimera.ini file. This is similar to the scoreboard fix. Lastly, I fixed an issue where the scoreboard faded too slowly at low frame rates.
  13. For a while, Chimera has had the option to randomize your CD hash whenever you join a server. We've decided to make this option default in the chimera.ini. Basically, a lot of servers have functionality to store the names of players. While this feature won't prevent your name from being recorded by the server, it will prevent your name from being associated with other names you've used by CD hash. Note that this will NOT block IP based tracking. This will also not allow you to circumvent bans if by IP (which is typically what most servers use now). You can opt out if you want, such as if you use a modded server that requires your CD hash for admin functionality, by commenting out (putting a semicolon at the beginning of) this line: hash=%
  14. I don't understand how you changed the format, but thank you very much, my friend. I've never had that detail before, but thank you very much indeed
  15. I know SAPP requires its mapvote.txt file to be USC-2 with LE BOM ("UTF-16" in some text editors). Regular ASCII won't work sometimes. You did not actually upload your mapvote.txt file, so I don't know if this is the issue. What you can try doing is renaming the mapvote.txt, let SAPP regenerate a new one, and then open the new one in a text editor that supports the format, such as Notepad++.
  16. hello, i'm mounting a dedicated server from a virtual machine with ubuntu linux server, i've managed to mount and run my server, the problem starts when i try to activate the mapvote, since it never activates and stays in the initial map that i define, it throws me the following error when i activate my server " Error: Less than 2 mapvote option was loaded. Map voting is now disabled! SAPP Version 10.1 CE by seh鰰, originally by Termy || halo.isimaginary.com", I have verified, maps, gametypes and the structure of my mapvote.txt in my opinion is correct; I was investigating and found that this error is due to detecting the active mapvote and mapcycle at the same time, when in my point of view it is not like that, can someone guide me in this situation, please? since I have been 4 days without finding the solution", I leave the content of my files: Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) SAPP init.txt SAPP mapvotes images with active mapvote without active mapvote
  17. I've updated Invader a bit! invader-bludgeon can now fix invalid strings caught by invader-build. invader-build now takes rotation into account when placing objects and determining if they wouldn't spawn. It also now has some more checks. invader-compare can now look for duplicate tags. Fun fact: There are over 800 instances where a tag is a duplicate of another tag in the stock tag set. If you were to dedupe these, you could possibly save quite a bit of tag space in some maps. invader-edit-qt now has some help text for bitmap tags to help guide you through the various formats. invader-extract: You now have the option to not load resource maps. If so, then tags that require them cannot be extracted. However, this is required for some maps. invader-info: I've refactored it, and I've updated some of the checks in it to better diagnose issues. invader-refactor can now copy tag directories while also updating all references internal to said directory. For example, if you copy weapons\assault rifle to weapons\assault waffle, then the weapon, model, shaders, bitmaps, etc. will be copied to the new directory with the references updated to match the new paths. invader-string now checks to see if your last string ends with ###END-STRING###. This is to prevent you from generating string lists where the last string is missing. tool.exe does NOT have this check, interestingly, so it can have the issue. Anyway, Invader is now 0.37!
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  19. I love freestyle.
  20. Found it!
  21. I have a Phanteks case myself and can't speak highly enough of them. I got this one, specifically, like 5 years ago and I expect to have it for at least another 15 years.
  22. (SBB Storm) Thank for your reply. Is this Fractal Case similar to the one you got? https://www.colamco.com/product/fractal-design-meshify-c-computer-case-fd-ca-mesh-c-bko-1539387 Thank you!
  23. Fractal Design Meshify C is a mid-tower with a mesh front panel. Image source
  24. Phanteks Evolv X I wanted one of those myself, but I need something with unobstructed airflow.
  25. Generally RGB isn't integrated with the case. It typically should be sold separately unless it's unique like something similar to the InWin Infinity. This due to there being RGB sync technology incorporated in most gaming branded motherboards. I personally don't look at tempered glass cases since I prefer my Define S series case without glass. It would also come down to preference. Though manufacturers I can recommend taking a look at for their build quality would be... be quiet! Pure Base Corsair has a plethora of popular cases Fractal Design Define Series for minimalism look and sound dampening foam In Win or Lian Li have a few with built in RGB NZXT for really square minimalism There's many other brands out there but majority of them are really poor quality. A few reputable brands I didn't mention but I personally think they're better off making other components than cases.
  26. I am planning on building my first computer but not sure which case to get. I am looking for a great tempered glass, fairly compact mid-tower with RGB lighting & my budget is less than $250. Please give me some recommendations. TY.
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