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  2. Since SAPP does not include a damage function, you can use this module to damage objects/players in your lua script. To use this module, add this to the start of your lua script: ffi = require("ffi") ffi.cdef [[ void damage_object(float amount, uint32_t receiver, int8_t causer); void damage_player(float amount, uint8_t receiver, int8_t causer); ]] damage_module = ffi.load("damage_module") damage_object = damage_module.damage_object damage_player = damage_module.damage_player The damage_object and damage_player functions take 3 arguments: Amount, Receiver, and Causer. Amount is the amount of damage to apply. Receiver is the ObjectID or PlayerIndex (1 to 16) depending on which function you use. Causer can be a PlayerIndex (1 to 16), or one of the following: 0 for no cause -1 for the guardians -2 for a vehicle -3 for suicide -4 for betray self Video: Extract damage_module.dll to the same directory as your halo server executable. Download: damage_module.zip
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  4. The Sims 4 Standard Edition is free on Origin GRID 2 is free on Steam, ending soon
  5. Thanks. A new addition I picked up via Market Place on Facebook - the couple were heading interstate to live and wanted their larger items cleared so it was a bargain at $50
  6. Your patio furniture is nicer than my inside furniture
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  8. Accomplishment - just need to mow the lawn, weed the garden and the kids have the perfect outdoor entertaining area. Full size air hockey table on the left, seating and view.
  9. Detective Pikachu
  10. Hello, everyone. I realize it has been a long time since anything has been posted in here, and I feel I owe you all an explanation. As it turns out, people don't like to contribute code to a project that has no or little code. This has led to an endless cycle of no code being added because there is no code, but there's no code so none is added. Thanks to @Kavawuvi, that cycle is now broken. As some of you may know, Kavawuvi has started his own project, Dark Circlet, which he has generously offered as a component of TiaraCE and will likely serve as a basis for many more Halo-related projects, going forward. At this time, however, he has moved his focus back to completing Chimera, and will return to working on Dark Circlet once he feels he can dedicate the time. Thank you for your time, and I hope to have some more news in the near future. ~Aaron Morris
  11. Man, I haven't heard that song in a while. My first cellie in prison was this awesome gay guy named Kevin. Kevin and I both enjoyed card games. On the weekends a local radio station would play dance club music until like 2am and Kevin always stayed up to listen. For the first couple of hours I would stay up with him and play cards with him. Before bedtime lockdown we would prep our snacks for the night and then while we played cards on his bed we would jam to the dance club music on the radio blasted through improvised speaker boxes. Frequently he would wear only his jock strap. Whenever a dance club mix of this song came on the radio he would shed the jock strap, place a chair in front of the window on our door, and helicopter his massive dong to the beat of the song.
  12. This song destroys. I don't care what people think.
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  14. Allows you to execute a map reset command after a specified amount of time with the server being empty has elapsed. Download: https://pastebin.com/UEpEKatk
  15. Would be worth having a release topic for this for others; I know I wanted this when I used to run a server.
  16. Done
  17. Greetings everyone! I'm conducting a census across various Halo: Custom Edition specific communities and would like to share this with you too. It takes about 8-10 minutes, results to be announced next month. After that, I'll conduct the same census to the general Halo communities. Those results will pop out in a month after the first census results. If you have the time, please consired filling the census out Thank you https://docs.google.com/forms/d/174EZKn8m4dtI6bxHhmNEpaUFLKOQkVDeeuilfgQznnU
  18. Age of Wonders III Free
  19. Vidonn F1 Bone Conduction Headphones
  20. Dude this looks awesome Favorite quote from the video: "if anyone has played this map for 24 hours then they know where the teleporters go"
  21. My highest-rated map!
  22. As I mentioned in a previous post, you will need to patch Halo Custom Edition for IMAGE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE (you can use my laa-patch tool for this) to use a few more of Chimera's features. If you do not do this, you will still be able to use Chimera, but a few features will not be available. Here is a table that details this: If you have any questions or comments, reply here.
  23. lol damn, can't believe my Endgame spoiler won
  24. New Entry Period Begins!
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