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  2. I think it would be sweat for small maps. Team Leaders could also be given damage resistance, and after set intervals people are allowed to vote again on a leader. Would be an interesting new dynamic for this ol' game.
  3. Added a new program to the Invader toolkit: invader-archive. It works like invader-build except, rather than outputting a cache file, it outputs a .tar.xz file of the HEK tags that were used to build the map. This can be useful for distributing cache files as a set of tags, preserving the original tag data. Want to test it? You can download a Windows build here: https://invader.opencarnage.net/builds/nightly/download-latest.html
  4. *All of a sudden Halo becomes a planetary warfare game.
  5. New update has come out! We got a new campaign set on the silent cartographer island and whole new animations and a whole lot more made by Gravemind. This is probably some of my favourite stuff I've ever made so be sure to check it out
  6. Yesterday
  7. Curious if anyone thinks it possible to build a very basic squad system with SAPP lua. I think for some maps it would be neat for teams to be able to vote on a Team Leader (any ally but themselves), where those that get selected get automatically respawned (to change their armor color to something that stands out), and all allies that die will respawn at existing spawn points closest to their Team Leader. That would make attacks more focused and create a high-value target, which when they die prevents all allies from respawning 'till they themselves do. Could definitely build off of that base concept if it can be implemented, but don't want to get carried away in the details unless that much is possible. Will credit 15 tickets to whoever can make this work!
  8. It's a shame this most likely will never come to fruition. It looks really good and there are a lot of solid concepts.
  9. Next to nothing, to be honest. I got started on one of the exposed forerunner structures fora teleporter frame in the under area about a week and a half ago, and haven't even touched it since. I don't reasonably have enough time left with all the stuff I'm doing outside of this map right now to finish it on time, and if I don't have a timetable keeping my goals in place then I'll just about never get something done.
  10. =[ What are the changes you've made since last release?
  11. Sourcefiles / tags released. Contrary to my last post, I know. But here it goes: I'm done working on this map. I've left a full explanation in the README.html file in this 7z archive, but summary is that I've just honestly lost the inspiration to continue working on this map. I know some people told me they really liked the concept of the map and would have loved to see it in a more finished state. Unfortunately I will not be providing that. I will be providing my Maya scene, and my 3DS MAX scene for this project (as well as a .obj file if for some reason you can't open either of those) of my last progress I made on the map. There will also be information on things I had planned to do, in a summarized form, in the README.html file if anyone ever wants to try their hand at completing the map. Download from: Google Drive Download includes: - README.html - reactant_pdb2.map - 3ds & maya scenes, and an exported obj - exported Halo CE textures used for UV'ing in Maya - data & tags for reactant_pdb2
  12. The Night Eats the World
  13. Should HAC2 and opensauce be installed with chimera as well?
  14. I disagree. You only loosed followed directions and never listed what tweaks you applied. There's literally no info for anyone to go off of.
  15. I initially wrote this up about 8 years ago when I was trying to get more seriously into game development, beyond just the contract FX work I'd been doing. My idea was originally to find a way to make a PvP game incorporate time-travel as a main mechanic and how that could be balanced out. I had a small team going but we didn't make it far beyond a very basic level and some concept art (by @Risk and sprinkled throughout the post here). The following is the Design Document I wrote up, which was of course never complete, but I figured I'd post it here because there hasn't been any chance of me picking it up again in a long time. Some weapon concepts here might be familiar in Phoenix; this is actually where I first came up with them. Base Concept A multiplayer FPS game focusing on time-travel mechanics between two eras. The different team's equipment and point in time do not independently balance against each other, but instead compliment. For example, while one team may have more advanced/capable weaponry and equipment, they fight an "uphill" battle against a foe capable of manipulating the playing field in both eras of time simultaneously. The travel between the two eras is done either through a set of node structures on the map for infantry, or vehicles which are able run their engines to charge their capacitors for the jump. Levels The playing fields will consist two levels running in tandem. One is set as the Past (1980) and the other as the Future (2040), the levels will be geographically very similar, as they're to represent the same location at different points in time. Lighting and lushness of the natural scenery would be a couple examples of the visual difference between these two levels. The playing field will be for two teams of 16 (32 in total). Each team will begin in their corresponding era, and fight for control of both. The 1980 bases in the future will look battle torn and desolate, showing that this future was the result of the failed 1980 uprising, and this is their chance to rewrite history with the new time-travel technology. Each base has a vehicle repair structure and guardian emitter tower. The repair structure features a garage that replenishes 25hp of vehicle health per second, while the emitter tower emits 1-3x Guardian based upon proximity, up to 15 meters. Nodes Infantry time-travel and secondary team spawning are controlled by two capturable "nodes" in each era (physical total of four). Each team has their own respectable node on their half of each level. Players who choose to spawn on a node will spawn in their home era, however they can they easily travel to the opposite era by foot through the node itself. At game start, both nodes are neutral and can only be captured by their respectable teams, however they can be neutralized by the enemy. Capturing, neutralizing, or contesting a node requires a physical presence, and will affect both ends of the node simultaneously, as they are technically the same object. The time required to capture/neutralize a node varies based on the amount of players on either end attempting to control the point, a minimum time (10 players uncontested) being 30 seconds, longest time (single player uncontested) being 60 seconds. Point System Players earn points based on their performance in three different categories, allowing for the game to more appropriately reward players based on their play styles. Point Types Group: These points count towards the selection of Team Leaders, and are earned from kill types when a player is within a certain proximity to at least 2 other teammates. Team Leaders have a 50% health buff, radiate Guardian benefits to surrounding teammates, and make the more tactical decisions for a team. See "Group System" below for more information. Independent: These points are earned when there are less than 2 other friendly players in close proximity. The points count towards supplies such as ammo replenishment for all weaponry, or special weapons unattainable any other way. Supply choices are made by the player, rather than randomized. The players points will reset to 0 every time the resupply threshold is met, which is about 1000. Vehicular: These points are earned while in use of a vehicle, and automatically change hands from the driver to any teammate that makes a repair to their vehicle. Repairs can only be made when the driver has points to give and at one specific location on the hull at a time, which alternates in random order between about 5 different points. Each repair location restores 5% of health to the vehicle, and costs an exchange of 25 points. The multiple randomized repair points means that anyone has a chance to get in on repair points, and keeps players active so that they can't just use vehicles as a shield while repairing. Point Values Kill: 100 points. Leader Kill: 150 points. Traitor Kill: 200 points. Headshot: 25 extra points. Kill Assist: Percentage of health damage done (1 - 100 points). Combo Kills: Multiples of 50 extra points. Destroyed Vehicle: 50 points. Node Capture/Neutralize: 250 points. Group System Each team will have an automatically-assigned leader at the end of every 5 minute gameplay interval, based on their performance in a group. The member with the highest number Group Points at the end of each interval will be promoted to Team Leader. Leaders have a 50% health buff and make the more tactical decisions, such as where to direct the bulk of the team. The first leader selection will take place 5 minutes after game start, to allow players to earn their points. Each player also has the option when respawning to spawn on their Team Leader, regardless of the era. The team leader also radiates "Guardian" to teammates within a radius, to act as a reward to players who stick with the leader and work together. Traitor System This is the autobalance system, where the a text warning is displayed 5 seconds after teams become unbalanced, stating that a member from greater team will defect in 15 seconds (if the balance isn't otherwise resolved by players joining, leaving, or manually switching). Neither team leaders nor persons in a vehicle can be autobalanced. Whenever a player is autobalanced, they aren't automatically killed, their allegiance is simply changed, forcing them to fight their way over to their new team or die trying. If the newly allegianced player survives to make it to friendly lines, they can earn 500 independent points by turning in "information" to the team's leader. "Information" informs the entire team about the enemy team's locations for a duration of 30 seconds as soon as it's turned in to the leader. If the newly allegianced player dies at any point they lose the "information", and they will they respawn just like anyone else on their new team; in the proper new equipment. Additionally, manual team switching can only be done once the player is already dead, so the Traitor System does not apply (to prevent abuse). Guardian System A proximity-based ability system which grants ammo regeneration at a specific rate. Guardian is emitted in leader groups, and around base spawn areas. HUD Players have a single-eye display attached to their helmet which takes up about a quarter of the upper left of the screen, where tactical data will be displayed. Any interaction with the display requires a button being held down which allows free use of a circular cursor, as if directed by eyeball. Text streams such as kills and chatter will appear in the bottom left of screen. There are no weapon reticles; players will rely on sights for accuracy. Use of a sight will only fill the right half of the screen. Tactical Data A full level mini-map will dominate most of the eye display, probably in the top left corner. Map consists of basic topography, node ownership, ally locations, and spotted enemies. Team Leaders may click on this map to drop up to 3 beacons visible from only the mini-map for their teammates. Health and ammunition measurements will be located in the top right of the display, with health above ammunition. Ammunition would be displayed for the weapon held at the time as physical representations of mags or batteries, rather than a numeric value. When a weapon's ammo is not at maximum capacity, only the last ammo indicator that will show partial capacity. Partial batteries will be shown as a traditional battery indicator, with bars indicating the rough charge. Mags will be represented similarly, with what the rough level of projectiles would look like from a basic cross-section of the mag. A circular field in the bottom right of the display will focus on the players local surroundings and orientation. The player location on this circular mini-map will always be dead center, with an angle extruding upward to the border of the circle, representing the players field of view within about 15 meters. The circular border will rotate independently, with North, East, South, and West designated. There will be 3 names for each point type shown in the bottom left of the display. These names will be in descending order and consist of the witnessing player (regardless of their ranking), and the top 2 other members of the team. Each name on the list will have their rank as a prefix. An example of what this looks like, where *Tucker* is the witnessing player: = GROUP = = INDEP = = VEHICLE = 1 - Bobby 1 - Jimmy 1 - *Tucker* 2 - Timmy 2 - *Tucker* 2 - Dale 5 - *Tucker* 3 - Bill 3 - Jimmy 1980 Team 2040 Team
  16. Last week
  17. It's enough information to warrant a caution and recommendation to back stuff up before attempting what was outlined in the OP.
  18. Shortly after loosely following instructions in the OP and applying various tweaks, I have successfully broken my Halo CE install to the point where I cannot fix it and have to reinstall. The game just shows a black screen and freezes. I tried undoing everything I changed with no luck.
  19. It's a small but still quite important update for invader build: Firing position detection is more accurate Detail object collection tags now work Windows builds are also now being automatically uploaded as I work on Invader. You can get the latest build here: https://invader.opencarnage.net/builds/nightly/download-latest.html
  20. Working on it. Edit: It is done. https://opencarnage.net/misc/upscale/Sunstriker7 8-16-2019.zip
  21. No rush at all fellas
  22. Those are some really solid choices. Going to let @ShikuTeshi get these though because I'm burned out and the weekend's only just begun.
  23. I would like to make a request. I made subfolders for the desired resolutions. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w2tfG5XWVmMtUVEW00YEpcMkPJ5wLPzN?usp=sharing
  24. At the very bottom of this thread he says: I'm sure once a large number of the most impressive upscales have been done they'll be archived as one texture pack. Very cool start though.
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